Saige Arcand - National Youth Panel Nominee

Shari Narine
Cando Contributor

“My ambitious spirit gets me into all types of roles, but I take every opportunity as a learning experience to attain new tools to add to my tool belt,” said Saige Arcand.

A quick glance at her present positions – community coordinator, youth empowerment facilitator, and makeup artist and beauty consultant – show exactly what Arcand means. She earned her Arts and Culture Management Diploma from MacEwan University, has an Advanced Esthetic and Makeup Artistry Diploma from Eveline Charles Academy, and took Creative Facilitation Training through Partners for Youth Empowerment, in Toronto. To top it all off, Arcand had a one-episode role in the TV series “Blackstone.” That she excels at everything she does is evidenced by her latest accomplished: named by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation to their annual Top 30 Under 30 list in 2018. The list recognizes young Albertans who are working to achieve sustainable development goals.

Right now, the 28-year-old mother of one and member of the Alexander First Nation, who grew up and resides in Edmonton, is working to launch an empowerment coaching business.

“My biggest career goal (is) to be able to provide support, encouragement and new skills for individuals struggling with reaching their full potential,” said Arcand.

Delilah Mah, who nominated Arcand for a position on Cando’s National Youth Panel, believes Arcand can do just that.

“Ms. Arcand exhibits exceptional leadership skills and is very proactive within the community. She is full of compassion and plays an active role – she is so sincere about helping others achieve their goals and bringing relationships with youth and women,” wrote Mah. “It is her story, her truth, her ambition, her passion, her humbleness and her optimistic attitude that makes her an exceptional role model.”

Arcand says she was “very humbled and grateful” to be nominated to the panel by Mah, who is one of her role models and mentors, which makes this nomination “so much sweeter.”

Arcand believes she has much to offer the panel, including her “very unique approach to business and I am really just pursuing the career path that sets my soul on fire.”

Arcand wants to be able to provide the support, inspiration and encouragement youth need to tap into their individual skills and gifts to reach their goals.

“To encourage all youth to dream big and use their past experiences which may be good or bad as fuel and drive towards their dreams,” she said.