2019 Youth Summit Presenters & Entertainment

DJ Rebellion - Entertainment

DJ JamieJamie Carriere better known by her entertainment and stage name DJ Rebellion. She has managed to grow a strong listening audience through her empowering and uplifting DJ vibes -her style is a mix of high energy, groove and base house.

DJ Rebellion says, “She loves seeing and feeling people enjoy the sound.” Becoming a DJ has had its challenges Jamie had to break through barriers and heavily advocate for herself to make her presence known in the industry, especially as a young Indigenous female - from Cumberland House Cree Nation, Saskatchewan.

Behind all of the music performances and appearances Jamie is an aspiring student at the Night Vision Academy where is investing into her education with a focus in sound design. She has a drive to create beats and wishes to take her sound to the next level along with her business. Jamie credits her success to following her passion for dancing and love of listening to drum, bass and tech house music throughout her life.

Pound Maker Singers - Entertainment

Paundmaker Singers

The Pound Maker singers are a Cree Northern straight style singing group from the Poundmaker Cree Nation in Saskatchewan.

The group started in 2007 with brothers Clyde and Lyle and Cornell Tootoosis of the Poundmaker Cree Nation, included members originate from the Treaty 6 area.

These include Benji Weenie, Chris Scribe, Allan Bonaise, Grey Eagle Cardinal, Gene Cardinal, Preston Gamble, Teddy Bison, Donny Speidel, Gerald Baptiste, Amos Yazzie, Colin Starblanket, Aaron McGilvery and Kent Ayoungman.

DJ Kookum - Entertainment

DJ KookumKookum is kookin up beats in clubs and festivals all across this continent. This diverse mix diva slays on the decks and always brings hype vibes to the party. An open format DJ and an EDM lover since birth, Kookum’s song selection is fresh and unpredictable. You’re most likely to hear a lot of hip hop, edm trap, bass house, moombahton and throw back remixes. Kookum likes to mix hip-hop acapella’s with edm instrumentals and incorporate local and independent artists into mixes.

Aside from that, Kookum facilitates workshop’s, coordinates community and youth dances, performs and tours with hop-hop artists, works as a videographer, and is in the studio working on cooking up original’s and remixes.


Hinauri and Kateao - Entertainment

Hinauri and Kateao

Nga Ihi o Nehua is a Māori owned company by three sisters, 15yr old Hinauri,14yr old Sidney and 3yr old Cree. Born and raised in total immersion of their Māori language, culture and traditions.  Mentored in business by their parents Kateao & Shane.  We all live here in Amiskwaciwaskahikan.

It's important to us that we are proudly showing who we are as Māori and ensuring that we are honoring our little sister and brother who are Māori-Cree-Mohawk.  We enjoy, language, music, dance, modelling and most recently learning about design and fashion. 

By blending our families cultures together as one, we hope that we are teaching others about being and standing proud in all that they are and normalizing that in society.


Alvis Aksidan - Communications and Research Intern CEDI

Alvis AksidanAlvis is a Métis person from Edmonton, AB. He has recently completed a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from MacEwan University.
Alvis plans to continue his studies at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology by completing a diploma in Business Administration. He joins Cando for the summer as the Communications and Research Intern for the First Nations–Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI). Alvis is excited to give his support to the CEDI program and to work with all the amazing people with Cando and the CEDI community.






First Nation – Municipal community economic development (CED)

Many First Nations and municipalities would like to collaborate on community economic development initiatives but often aren’t sure where to start. In part, this is because there are significant differences in the communities’ legal rights and governance structures, economic conditions, demographics and cultures; however, often First Nations and municipalities share many of the same hopes, and they struggle with similar issues and challenges. Through relationship building, First Nations and municipalities can overcome their differences and build resilient, sustainable partnerships with the assistance of community economic developers (EDOs).

While collaboration requires an investment of time to build the relationship, it provides significant return as communities gain access to broader range of skills, ideas, funding, and assets. Perhaps the most compelling reason to engage in joint First Nation – municipal community economic development (CED) is simple: communities are stronger together. The CEDI team will share lessons learned and best practices for EDOs to build capacity for effective joint community economic development.


Stan Barnaby - JEDI

Stan Barnaby 2019

Meet Stanley Barnaby of Listuguj Mi’gmaq First Nation. Stanley plays an integral role here at the Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI) as he has been the Finance and Operations manager for the last three consecutive years. In this role, he is responsible for ensuring that all financial operations run smoothly. We recently had the chance to sit and chat with Stanley to discuss his aspirations, hobbies, and to really get to know him.

Barnaby is from the Listuguj Mi’gmaq First Nation. He to the University of New Brunswick (UNB) in Fredericton for his Bachelors in Business with a concentration in accounting. From there, he received my Technological Aboriginal Economic Developer (TAED) certification through Cando, and he also has his First Nation Business Administration certificate from UNB through the Mi’kmaq-Maliseet Institute (MMI).

Barnaby's first job was working at a seafood restaurant. He worked there for two years in high school and he really wanted to get into restaurant management so that’s why he pursued a degree in business. The reason Barnaby got into accounting was because he was enrolled in the Job Readiness Program offered through the Listuguj Migmaq Development Center in Listuguj. He had a job placement at the Migmawei Mawiomi Secretariat (MMS) working in the Finance Department and that’s where he found out that he enjoyed doing accounting, from there it came naturally. He was also able to work at the MMS during the summers while he was in University.

Anita Boyle - Certfification Coordinator (East) Cando

Anita BoyleAnita Boyle is from the Metepenagiag Mik’maw First Nation in New Brunswick and works as the certification coordinator for eastern Canada and works with individuals who wish to pursue their Technical Aboriginal Economic Development (TAED) and their Professional Economic Development, (PAED) Certification.

Anita earned a B.A., B.Ed. and a Masters in Adult Education at the University of New Brunswick. Anita is a former economic development officer for her community and has spent her entire career working in the field of economic development and education.

Anita is the certification coordinator for eastern Canada for Cando.


Devon Fiddler - SheNative Goods Inc

Devon FiddlerDevon Fiddler is a Cree Mother of two, from the Waterhen Lake First Nation, SK. Devon is the Chief Changemaker of SheNative Goods Inc, a brand of handbags and accessories dedicated to elevating Indigenous Woman and girls. Devon also is a speaker, influencer, thought leader, and program developer in entrepreneurship, leadership and skills development.

Devon has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Aboriginal Public Administration from the University of Saskatchewan, and has completed numerous leadership, economic development, entrepreneurship and business certificate programs in the last nine years.

Devon has also been recognized and rewarded in various business planning competitions and has worked hard to earn seed funding through various grant and loan programs, and ran 4 successful crowdfunding campaigns. Devon has been nominated for various entrepreneurial and leadership awards and received recognition at the 2015 CBC Future 40 Under 40 designation in 2015. Devon was also among 20 entrepreneurs who represented Canada at the G20 Young Entrepreneur Alliance (YEA) Summit in Istanbul, Turkey in September 2015, received the 2015 Start-up Canada Young Entrepreneur of the year award and the Sustainable Business of the Year for the Prairie Region.

In 2016, Devon received the YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the under 29 category and was named one of the top 5 SheEo Ventures of 2016. Most recently, Devon received the Trailblazers & Innovators Award through the Bank of Montreal.


Mallory Graham

Mallory Graham

Mallory Graham was born and raised in her home community of Curve Lake First Nation. She completed her Honors Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Wilfrid Laurier University. After competing in a New Venture Creation business pitch competition and winning the KPMG Award in Entrepreneurship, for RezPoints Rewards, Mallory launched the coalition loyalty program for her parents' businesses in Curve Lake. Mallory Founded RoseysTradingPost.com in 2013 - an online retail store with a brick and mortar location in Curve Lake, offering indigenous products including lifestyle clothing, footwear, accessories, and giftware. Mallory has since worked as a marketing and business coach for entrepreneurs and startup businesses to achieve their goals. In March, Mallory launched her YouTube channel to share entrepreneurship advice and digital marketing education. She works with startup businesses to develop and execute their digital marketing strategy.


Rhonda Johnson - Acahkos Designs

AcahkosRhonda Johnson hails from the Treaty 8 Territory in Northern Alberta. Her design roots originate from our most natural source, her Great Grandmother. Rhonda grew up on the reservation with her Great Grandparents and Grandparents, whom were the largest influences in her life. Learning only in her Cree language from a very young age, she was handed down traditional skills through oral tradition and old fashion teaching. From hide making, treadle machine sewing, beading, bone crafts and beyond, this is where her passion for the arts & textiles took root. 

Once older Rhonda eventually moved to Edmonton, this was where she pursued her education & graduated from Fashion Design & Apparel Production in 2006. Upon graduation she took personal time off & spent many years refining her design skills & to also care for her & her sisters children. Now that sufficient time has passed, she is now ready to embark on a new journey pushing her design skills even further.
Rhonda designs contemporary & traditional clothing, regalia, streetwear, custom order & haute couture. She uses new & old techniques in her design process & experiments with print, texture, drape, hand & shape. She strives to create new, innovative designs & fashion. Fashion that people will appreciate for its intelligent, cultural design aesthetic, as well as its function.

Rhonda designs under her label Acahkos Designs.   
Acahkos (Ahh-chahk-kos) is the Cree word for Star.


Marissa Lawrence - CEDI Senior Program Officer

Marissa LawrenceMarissa works for Cando (the Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers) as the Senior Program Officer for the First Nation – Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI). Her role includes working with First Nation – municipal partnerships across Canada to establish sustainable and respectful relationships and to develop joint community economic development initiatives and land-use plans.

Marissa has a rich background of designing and convening community-bridging intercultural dialogue and educational programming. Marissa holds a BA in Communications, Minor in Dialogue from Simon Fraser University (SFU), Dialogue and Civic Engagement Certificate from SFU, and is a Cando-certified Technician Aboriginal Economic Developer (TAED).


Judy Louis

Judy and Roy LouisJudy is a highly motivated, high-energy educational consultant with a demonstrated track record for fostering learning and promoting multicultural diversity. She is a recipient of an Excellence of Teaching Award and the Alberta Centennial Medal for innovative approaches to education and the promotion of cultural diversity.

Judy is from a family of 9 children: 4 biological siblings of Scandinavian descent and 5 adopted from varied multicultural backgrounds.   Many years later, the family learned three of the children were part of the 60’s Scoop. Many commented her family looked like the United Nations. Her Mom early identified that the First Nations siblings needed to learn about their heritage and so Judy’s journey began along with them. During that time, she was traditionally adopted into a family from the Samson Cree Nation and over time she has learned the beauty and strength of the First Nations People by actively participating in many traditional ceremonies and the teachings of Plains Cree Spiritual Leaders. Judy and her husband Roy were finalists at the 2016 Emerald Awards for promoting the sacredness of water in Central Alberta that had International impact.

Judy is an avid collector of First Nations artifacts and loves to travel. As a trained investigator for Corrections Service Canada, Judy can often be found working in federal correctional facilities. As well, Judy is a former board member for 16 years on the Citizens Advisory Committee at Pe Sakastew Healing Centre in Maskwacis where the goal is to successfully reintegrate the offenders into the community. She recently retired from Alberta Human Services as a committee member for Social Care Facilities. She enjoys the 14 grandchildren from her blended family with her husband Roy.

Roy Louis 

Roy Louis

Roy Louis is a member of the Samson Cree Nation. He is from a family of leadership and former President of the Indian Association of Alberta from 1988-90.

Roy is a co-founding member of Peace Hills Trust Company 1980 and Peace Hills General Insurance 1982.

Mr. Louis helped initiate the Pe Sakastew Healing Centre in Maskwacis with former Commissioner Ole Ingstrup.   In 2005, he and his wife Judy traveled to China to receive an International Award for the Healing Centre.

He is the recipient of Canada’s 125 Medal in 1992 and the Alberta Centennial Medal in 2005 for his continued volunteerism, multiculturalism and promoting cultural awareness and business development for First Nations. He is also the recipient of the Queens Diamond Jubilee medal in September of 2012 for his work with Police at K-Division as an Aboriginal Advisor from 2007-2015.

Mr. Louis was a member of the Senate for the University of Alberta and a member of the Capital Health Authority Board until 1998.

Mr. Louis is also a member of Commissioners National Aboriginal Advisory Committee RCMP with another re-appointment for 5 years.  

Roy is an Indigenous Advisor to the Commissioner of Corrections in Ottawa.

On December 3rd 2013, Mr. Louis received a Lifetime achievement award from the Alberta Aboriginal Role models.

In July 2014, Roy Louis was chosen as one of Alberta’s Most Influential People for his role as a Community Leader.

Roy and his wife Judy were finalists for the Alberta Emerald Award for their work in reviving the Water Ceremony in Maskwacis.

Roy is currently on the “Heroes and History Foundation” for Alberta.

He is also on the “Battle River Lieutenant Alberta Arts Awards for 2019” hosted by Maskwacis.

Roy is a participating Elder for the “Indigenous Introductory Training” for all Alberta Government Employees.


Derek Jagodzinsky - LUXX Ready-to-Wear

Derek JadodzinskyLUXX Ready-to-Wear is a fashion company based out of Edmonton, Alberta that designs sophisticated, sleek and polished garments for the modern women and men of today.

LUXX is owned and operated by creator Derek Jagodzinsky. Derek has an Indigenous heritage that he heavily draws creative inspiration from and from which he largely derives his values. He obtained his Masters in Industrial Design from the University of Alberta, researching how perceptions about Aboriginal culture can be positively impacted and redefined through design in a modern way. He previously acquired a Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design. His designs have been featured in the Native Fashion Now exhibit that toured throughout the United States of America, including the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian. His collaboration with the visual artist Aaron Paquette will be a permanent exhibit in the upcoming Royal Alberta Museum.

All garments are handmade locally in Edmonton with small quantity runs. LUXX embraces the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship with the highest standard of creativity.


Nicole McLaren - Founder/CEO, Raven Reads

Nicole McLarenNicole McLaren is an accomplished community development and public relations professional with over 14 years’ experience developing and implementing innovative engagement and economic development plans for industry in western Canada.

As a Métis woman and economic development advocate from Saskatchewan, Nicole is the pioneer of multiple non-profits including the Indigenous Women’s Business Network, a non-profit society in British Columbia that supports Indigenous female entrepreneurs across the province.

Today Nicole successfully runs her own online business: Raven Reads.

A beautifully curated seasonal subscription box, Raven Reads delivers written works by Indigenous authors and hand-picked items made or designed by Indigenous entrepreneurs and artists. Delivering to over 500 subscribers across the Globe every three months, Raven Reads is the only subscription box with a social purpose that provides quality content promoting positive relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.



Patricia MacQuarrie - City of Camrose

Patricia MacQuarrie is the current Economic Development Officer for the City of Camrose. Previously, she served 8 years as a Councillor for the City of Wetaskiwin and sat on both the Central Alberta Economic Partnership and Central Alberta Access Prosperity Boards. She is a published author with writing credits in the Globe and Mail, and CBC, and has traditionally published a true crime book. She sat on the Writers’ Guild of Alberta Board of Directors for five years, with two years as Chair. She has experience in applying for, and receiving, grants for both individuals and organizations in the arts sector.


Keith Matthew - Seklep Business Services

Keith MatthewKeith Matthew is a member of the Simpcw First Nation and is a former chief of the Simpcw First Nation. He served for five years as chief and five years as Councilor up until December 2010. He has his own company Seklep Business Services and works with First Nations’ communities to negotiate agreements with companies that require certainty of tenure from major projects on unceded traditional territory. As well he has two joint venture companies and is a principal with both Skeetch Arrowhead Contracting Ltd. and Skowtum Services Ltd. Skeetch Arrowhead is involved in mine heavy construction and was awarded a major contract with New Gold Inc. and have finished their second season and has successfully delivered the contract on time and on budget. Skowtum Services specializes in survey, road and bridge design contract work and is currently working on Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

Keith was awarded his Certified Aboriginal Economic Developer Certification by Cando at a ceremony in Winnipeg at their annual general meeting in 2013. He also successfully completed BCIT’s Associate Certificate, Venture Program, in 2012.


Patrick J Mitsuing - Powwow Times

Patrick J MitsuingPatrick is a Cree from the Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nations. He is an entrepreneur, public
speaker, International Track & Field Athlete, World Champion Men’s fancy dancer and an
advocate in promotion of Indigenous Culture and Language.

As an athlete he became an International Track and Field competitor winning many awards and still holds records for Long Jump and High Jump.

Raised by his uncles and aunties he found culture and Powwow. Soon he fell in love with Fancy Dancing and became a 3x World Champion dancing in many big events such as Gathering of Nations and Indian Nationals Finals Powwow, and the National Indigenous Cultural Expo.

After completing college in small business management and sales & marketing, he ventured off starting numerous businesses. His first success was a mobile smoothie business which he started on the Powwow trail. That lead to buying into a Quiznos and Domino’s Pizza franchises.

Throughout his experience running businesses he started to learn internet marketing which

wasn’t being taught in Universities at the time.

This lead Patrick to learn Internet Marketing from live workshops and conferences held in Las

Vegas, Chicago, Florida, and Denver. With this knowledge Patrick started an online media
company called Powwow Times which shares Indigenous content to an audience of over 2
million+ people per month.

Now a days Patrick lives his passion everyday by travelling the world for business and dance,

speaking to motivate the youth, mentoring and coaching, providing presentations for song and dance, and documenting it all through his social media handle, Powwow Times.

Chief Billy Morin - Enoch Cree Nation

Chief Billy MorinChief Billy Morin comes from a long line of chiefs—his name is in honour of his father William, and his grandfather Chief William Morin. William (Billy) Morin IV (Nahtokitopi – Rides a Sacred Horse) was newly elected to the responsibility of Chief in August 2015.

Chief Morin is a fifth-generation direct decedent of Chief Alexis Morin and fourth-generation decedent of Alexis’ son Chief William (Billy) Morin I. He shares three sons (William V, Wilton, and Walker) with his wife Felecia.

Characterized by youth and education, Chief Morin is the youngest Chief in the modern history of Enoch Cree Nation. Having achieved a diploma in Civil Engineering Technology and a Bachelor of Technology Management degree from NAIT; it is his hope that the young people of Enoch take a similar educational journey in order to better serve the Nation and its people.

Championing Enoch Cree Nation’s new strategic direction – “Investing in our Future to Protect Our Past”, Chief Billy Morin sees a combination of tradition and progress as a key to bringing long-term prosperity to his community.


Brandi Morin - Chief Creative Officer of Mixed Blood Apparel

Brandi MorinBrandi is an award-winning Metis journalist from Treaty 6, AB, Canada.

For the last 10 years Brandi has specialized in sharing Indigenous stories, some of which helped spark change and reconciliation in Canada’s political, cultural and social environments.

Her most notable work brought her to the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network National News, the CBC Indigenous and the National Observer.

Brandi won a Human Rights Reporting award from the Canadian Association of Journalists in April of 2019 for her work with the CBC's Beyond 94 project tracking the progress of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action. The award is co-sponsored by Journalists for Human Rights.

In the fall of 2018 Brandi became an entrepreneur, Chief Creative Officer of Mixed Blood Apparel. The clothing brand incorporates Indigenous culture and language in its contemporary designs.

Since then, Brandi has been featured in national and international media stories about the unique appeal of the Mixed Blood brand, including the Toronto Star, Cultural Survival Magazine and The Guardian, to name a few.

Her passion for cultural revitalization, reconciliation and creativity has inspired and empowered countless others to consider taking action to impact the world with their own gifts and creativity.


Shawna Morning Bull - Manager Business Development at Community Futures Treaty Seven (CFT7)

Shawna MorningbullShawna Morning Bull is a member of the Piikani First Nation located in southern Alberta. Shawna received a di-ploma in Business Administration and a Certificate in Criminal Justice from Lethbridge College in 1995. She has also attended the Banff Centre for Management.

Shawna is presently employed as the Manager Business Development at Community Futures Treaty Seven (CFT7) in Calgary, Alberta. In this capacity she is responsible for the overall direction, evaluation, and operations of the various development initiatives which the Community Futures Treaty Seven is currently involved in or wishes to pursue. Shawna has been employed by Community Futures Treaty Seven for 4 years. Prior to CFT7 she was a Business Loans Manager with Alberta Indian Investment Corporation and a Business Support Officer with Indian Business Corporation. She is also the Secretary for Piikani Resource Development Corporation Board of Directors, an entity operating on the Piikani Nation to develop, design and implement projects, programs and services for the benefit of her First Nation economy.

Shawna is married to Wade and together they have 5 children. She enjoys attending her children’s activities such as basketball, hockey, mixed martial arts, wrestling and they all enjoy hitting the powwow trail.


Eve O’Leary, PCED.sk TAED

Eve O'Leary photoEve O’Leary is currently the Regional Economic Development Officer for the FDC Regional Economic Development Commission. The commission is an interprovincial-intermunicipal entity that encompasses the City of Flin Flon, the Town of Creighton and the Northern Village of Denare Beach.

With a background in customer service, information technology and management, Eve moved from Ireland to Canada in 2014. She previously held the position of Executive Director for a Downtown Business Association in Saskatchewan.

In 2018, she attended the first ever Indigenous Economic Development Youth Summit hosted by Cando. She has a strong background in relationship-building, self-motivation, strategic planning and governance. She attained her Professional Community and Economic Developer of Saskatchewan Designation through SEDA, as well as TAED certification (Technician Aboriginal Economic Developer) with Cando. She is currently working on attaining her Economic Development Diploma through the University of Waterloo, and her Ec.d with EDAC. Her goal over the next few years is to attain her MBA. She is a fishing enthusiast and lover of the outdoors.

Eve and her husband currently live with their two dogs in Flin Flon, SK.


Michael Pealow, B.Com, Ec.D(F), PAED

Michael Pealow photoMichael Pealow is a facilitator and social innovation consultant operating out of Whitehorse, Yukon, providing strategic planning and facilitation services to businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and governments, including First Nations governments in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Northern BC.

Prior to becoming a social innovation consultant, Michael was the Economic Development Officer for Fort Liard, Trout Lake, and Nahanni Butte, NWT, and the Senior Business Development Advisor – Renewable Resources for Government of Yukon before becoming a business and economic development consultant.

Michael has been involved in the economic development profession for nearly twenty years, providing business counselling services, developing strategic economic development plans, negotiating Impact and Benefits Agreements, and more.

Michael is a Certified Economic Developer (Fellowship) with the Economic Developers Association of Canada and a Professional Aboriginal Economic Developer with the Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers.


Desiree Running Bear-Paul - Stantec

Desiree Running Bear-PaulDesiree is an enrolled member of the Rosebud Nation (Sioux) also known as “ Sicangu” or the Burnt Thigh Nation. Desiree is married to a Navajo from Monument Valley going on 26 years, even though they are both Indigenous their ceremonies are very different. Desiree is very dedicated to her culture and spiritual beliefs. She is also considered an Elder in her community and participates in ceremonies for young women in the local surrounding area.

Desiree has a degree in business management and has held many positions throughout her career which include owning two small businesses before settling with Stantec. Desiree is in a lead role for the Project Accounting group located in our Broomfield Colorado office and has been with the company for 19 1/2 years.

Desiree is a lead for the Broomfield office and is responsible in assisting her team in the day to day accounting activities. One of the most memorable projects Desiree worked on was “Katrina” this was the hurricane that destroyed New Orleans, our company was a key player in helping to restore, and rebuild the surrounding area and communities.

“My job is very rewarding, I love the people I work with and I love the fact that we take part in making our local communities a better place to live”

Desiree is inspired by the woman in her life

Francis Flood Running Bear (Grandmother)
Matlida Trujillo Garcia (Grandmother)
Carolina Running Bear (Mother)
Dr. Ursula Running Bear (sister)
Harriet Tubman (black civil rights activist)


Tanya Tourangeau - CEDI coordinator

Tanya TourangeauTanya joined the Cando family from the Government of the Northwest Territories from where she brings valuable corporate public service knowledge from a territory that serves the largest % of First Nation, Inuit and Metis populations. A strategic specialist, she has successfully contributed to many government-wide initiatives that impacted workforce development, talent management, and succession planning.

Tanya has extensive experience designing and developing University and College Business Administration programs and delivering them online and face-to-face to Indigenous students across Canada.  As an adult educator for over 10 years, she has the ability to transfer knowledge effectively and instill motivation and confidence in the learner. 

Tanya has achieved TAED & Land Management Certifications and has a strong background in continuous improvement methodologies, change management, project management, and information and communication technology (ICT) initiatives.

Tanya is passionate about economic development and loves sharing her knowledge and experience to build capacity.

Hussam Tungekar - Futurpreneur Canada

Hussam TungekarHussam Tungekar heads up Futurpreneur Canada’s Alberta team. He has a passion for nurturing economic empowerment in our community.

His background in digital marketing and strategic business development, in both corporate and non-profit organizations, are his key strengths when it comes to helping young businesses succeed.

Hussam’s side hustle is in Strategic Communications consulting, providing services to an international group of clients.



Jeff Ward - Animikii Indigenous Technology

Jeff WardJeff Ward is the founder and CEO of Animikii Indigenous Technology. Animikii is the largest Indigenous-owned digital agency on Turtle Island. They use technology as a tool to drive positive changes for Indigenous Peoples by building long term relationships and amplifying the voices of Indigenous innovators. Indigenous values guide Animikii's business services; website design, custom software development, design & branding and digital communications.

Jeff is Ojibwe and Métis, originally from Manitoba, and now lives and works in Victoria, BC on the traditional unceded territory of the Lekwungen (Songhees and Esquimalt) Nations. Everything Jeff does in business is geared towards uplifting his family, friends, coworkers, communities and Indigenous Peoples.

Jeff is a thought leader, web designer, software developer, author, speaker and changemaker


Crystal White

Crystal WhiteCrystal White is a 38-year-old, 4th year student from Enoch Cree Nation. After completing MacEwan University’s Business Management Diploma program in 2016, she realized that the more she learned – the less she knew, so she decided to continue her studies and enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce program.

Crystal’s dedication to education has enabled her to make the Dean’s List, earned her a membership within the Golden Key International Honor Society and, with a current GPA of 3.75, puts her on track to graduate with Distinction this fall.

Crystal has enjoyed remarkable success in school, but her true passion is to become a Business Consultant and utilize her education to help Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs create their own success stories.



Kyle White - Co-operatives First

Kyle White

Kyle is the Education and Engagement Lead with Co-operatives First. His work focuses on developing and delivering educational and development services for Co-operatives First.

Originally from Newfoundland and Labrador, Kyle has worked his way across Canada focusing on community economic development in rural and Indigenous communities. With degrees in Geography and Public Policy, Kyle’s educational background has focused on community development, governance, and organizational policy. Aside from his work with Co-operatives First, Kyle is an active volunteer with several Saskatoon-based non-profits and serves on a variety of boards.



Michelle Wilsdon - Councillor Enoch Cree Nation

Michelle WilsdonMichelle Wilsdon is from Maskekosihk (Enoch Cree Nation) and has served her Nation as an elected member of Council since August 2015.

As a Councillor, she provides leadership for the planning, development and corporate functions of the Nation. In this role, she is mandated to pursue initiatives that are targeted with growing the Nation’s economy and implementing land governance systems to ensure the sustainable development of reserve lands. Working towards goals of environmental stewardship, business development, job creation and attracting investment; Enoch’s economic development is achieved through strategic planning, strengthening corporate and land governance, and establishing partnerships with key stakeholders.

Prior to her role as a council member, Michelle served as the Director of Economic Development for the Ministry of Indigenous Relations, Government of Alberta. She had also worked in the non-profit sector focusing on national strategic initiatives that supported community economic development and natural resource management.

Michelle’s formal education includes a B.Sc., Geology, from the University of Victoria, Certificate of Indigenous Peoples Resource Management Program from the University of Saskatchewan, and Professional designation as a Certified Aboriginal Lands Manager.

Jason Wilson - Alberta Indian Investment Corporation

Jason WilsonJason holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria. He is a member of the We Wai Kai Nation which is part of the Kwakwak’awakw peoples from the coast of British Columbia. He also has connections to the Nuu’Chah’Nulth, Coast Salish and Hawaiian peoples.

He has a 15+ year background in sales, marketing and business development and is also a past entrepreneur having owned his own tourism product development consulting business on Vancouver Island.

Jason has been with AIIC since October 2016 and his role is to deliver AIIC’s business advisory services, which encompasses pre-loan consultation, mentoring/business support and aftercare services to new and existing clients. In addition, Jason’s role is to deliver entrepreneurial training to help existing and new clients navigate through their entrepreneurial journey. Jason also coordinate an organizes AIIC’s annual Alberta Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneur Camp, a one week camp from all Alberta Aboriginal Youth, aged 18-35, to learn the basic principles of starting a business and develop their own business plans as part of a team


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