2019 Youth SUmmit - Day 3

Wednesday, July 24

CEDI Vison-Setting and Newspaper Front Page Workshop

Tanya Tourangeau

(Above) Tanya Tourangeau, CEDI Program Coordinator, presents an overview of the CEDI program
and its initiative to match First Nations with their neighbouring municipalities in order to develop a joint economic development project.

Alvis Aksidan  Marissa Lawrence

(Left) Alvis Aksidan, CEDI Summer Research and Communications Intern, presents the vision-setting exercise for delegates. They are to picture an economic development project that they could undertake.

(Right) Marissa Lawrence, CEDI Senior Program Officer, presents the Newspaper Front Page exercise. Groups are to design a front page based on what their local community economic development will look like in 5 years.

Groups Presenting their Newspaper Front Page and Headlines.







Preparing for the final group presentations!

Judges 1

Judges table one.

Judges 2

Judges table two.

Pep Talk  Ray Wanuch 3

(Left) One last pep talk and group hug before the presentation.

(Right) A few last words of encouragement for the groups from Ray Wanuch, Cando Executive Director.

Bear Crossing

Bear Crossing present using old-school cardboard and construction paper.

4Front Consulting

4Front Consulting were very polished and professional

Dynamic Developers

Dynamic Developers had 9 members to try and weave into their presentation.

Kissing Cousins

Kissin' Cousins were trying to make a good impression.


Evergood was trying to show that they were very good.


Skoden were eager to make their case.


Stoodis were making a strong effort to sway the judges.

We Can Do This

We Can Do This were showing they judges they could in fact do this.