2019 Youth Summit - Blanket Exercise

Monday, July 22

Roy and Judy Louis A Blanket Exercise was held on Monday afternoon. The exercise was hosted by Roy and Judy Louis.

The exercise tells the story of how Indigenous people and communities were impacted by contact with Europeans.

Youth delegates and invited guests were asked to participate in this emotional event which recounts some of the historial relationships between Indigenous people on Turtle Island (North America) and European governments.

It traces the evolution of that relationship from mutual respect and inter-dependence to one of confrontation, subjugation and mistrust.

The exercise can be very emotional and there is time for all participants to reflect on their experience. Time is given to all who want to disuss or express their feelings.

The Blanket Exercise is a way for all to share in a learning and bonding experience.


Roy and Judy Louis

Blanket 2

Blanket 3

Blanket 5

Blanket 4