2019 Youth Summit - Awards

Wednesday, July 24


Elder Beatrice Morin  Stan Wesley
(Left) Elder Beatrice Morin thanks all delegates for their particpation and offers them blessings.

(Right) MC Stan Wesley looking dapper as the host of the awards and gala evening.

Ray Wanuch  Keynote Patricia

(Left) Ray Wanuch, Cando Executive Director, thanks sponsors and partners for making the Youth Summit success a great success.

(Right) Patricia MacQuarrie, EDO Camrose, presents the evening keynote on the power of art (and artists) to transform and stimulate economic development for many communities.

Cando Board
The Cando Board meets on stage to begin handing out the awards for outstanding youth delegates
and the winning group presentations.


Keyera Team with Kayla Tanner - Outstanding Female Youth Delegate

Keyera - Nipawi

Keyera Team with Nipawi Kakinoosit - Outstanding Male Youth Delegate

Mover Shaker Kim Testawich

Western Diversification presents Kim Testawich with the award for Mover and Shaker Female.

Delvin M

Western Diversification presents Delvin Moosewah with the award for Mover and Shaker Male.

Final Group Results:

First: We Can Do This!

We Can Do This

Second: Dynamic Developers

Dynamic Developers

Third: Bear Crossing

Bear Crossing

Fourth: 4Front Developers

4Front Consulting


DJ Kookum

DJ Kookum prepares to put on a great show with music for delegates and mentors to dance the night away.

DJ Kookum

That's it, that's all. Thank you and good night!