Youth Summit - Day 4 - Entertainment

Derek Bruno 3

Derek Bruno, former Cando National Youth Panelist, was the keynote speaker on Wednesday night. Derek spoke about his successes and failures as an entrepreneur and business owner. Derek stated that his successes would not have been possible without his failures. He reminded young people to not be afraid of failure - to embrace failure as an opportunity to learn and to apply what has been learned to the next project or idea or business.


Derek Bruno 1 Derek Bruno 4
Derek Bruno 2 Derek Bruno with Ed Collins


Drezus 3
Award-winning artist Drezus was on hand to share his story and to rap some of his songs. It included the 2017 MTV Music Video Award-winning song - ' StandUp/Stand N Rock'.


Drezus 4 Drezus 2
Drezus 1

Drezus even brought his MTV Award to show the delegates!

Drezus, a staple of the Indigenous hip hop scene in Canada, has been making noise all over Turtle Island and beyond for over a decade.

Fusing a classic hip hop background with a deep connection to his First Nations heritage, his searing lyrics convey a message of empowerment and resilience in the face of struggle. In 2009 he was nominated for a Juno Award alongside his former group Team Rezofficial. His 2013 single “Red Warrior” was the unofficial anthem of the Idle No More protest movement and becomes more relevant by the day.


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