Youth Summit Day 4 - Awards


The judging panel consisted of: (Left to right) Bradley Kirchmayer, Alita Murowchuk, Jasmine Recollet, Adrienne Larocque, Stanley Barnaby, and Suzanne Life.


Judges 3

The judges are presented with blankets to thank them for their work.

Organizing Committee

Youth Summit Organizing Committee (left to Right) Ray Wanuch, Cando Executive Director, Adrienne Larocque, Jasmine Recollet and Stanley Barnaby.

Team Awards

First Group

First Place: War Ponies

First 2

First Place: War Ponies



Second Place: Bear Necessities



Third Place: Chiefs of Industry



Fourth Place: Hone World Collaborators


Honourable 1

Honourable: Ininewak Innovations


Honourable 2

Honourable: Turtle Island Development Corporations


 Honourable 3

Honourable: Late Bloomers


Individual Awards

Cheyenne McGinnis

Outstanding Female Delegate: Cheyenne McGinnis


Morgan Bellerose

Outstanding Male Delegate: Morgan Bellerose

 Ray and Justen Peters

Mover and Shaker Award: Justen Peters