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January to December 2022

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L2L Call for Presenters PosterCall for Presenters!

• Are you a subject-matter expert in one or more of the fields listed?

• Are you interested in expanding your audience and reach to include economic development professionals throughout Canada?

• Do you deliver training that creates impact?

Consider becoming a presenter with Cando’s Links to Learning weekly webinar series. Honourarium/financial incentive provided.

If you’re interested, please contact: 

Danielle Lightning: danielle.lightning@edo.ca
Elizabeth Calahaison: elizabeth.calahaison@edo.ca




January 25, 2022

2:00PM PT / 3:00PM MT / 5:00PM ET

Title: Borrowing Money 

Webinar Description: This webinar is about credit—what it is, how to use it wisely, and how to get it under control when your debt is too big to handle. You’ll look at different kinds of credit and the cost of borrowing. You’ll learn ways to avoid the costs piling up, so that if you need to borrow money, it is there for you.

Speaker: Karen Paul
Zoom Registration Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcucemurDwqH9z5eel5yzYqOLeJbIeXU0I8

Karen Paul

Karen PaulKaren is the Indigenous Adult Learning and Literacy Program Coordinator for JEDI. She has been working with JEDI (Joint Economic Development Initiative) for the last five years.

In her role, she provides Indigenous Workplace Essential Skills, Digital Literacy, Financial Literacy, Upskills for work, and Job Search Techniques Workshops to Indigenous Clients across New Brunswick to help them bridge the gap between where they are presently and in the workplace.

Karen holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems.





February 1, 2022

2:00PM PT / 3:00PM MT / 5:00PM ET

Webinar Title: Honoring Indigenous Languages as a foundation for economic and business development in Indigenous communities

Webinar Description:

The strength and resiliency of our Indigenous languages in Canada is foundational to how we are connected to one another and the wahkōtowin or relationships that ensue. In this session, you will learn about the importance of honouring Indigenous languages as a foundation for economic and business development in Indigenous communities across Turtle Island. You will learn about the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada and how the impact of contact with a new economic worldview affected the roles within Indigenous communities. In the Cree language, we will explore wahkōtowin, building relationships, as a foundational basis within Indigenous communities. It is based on mutual respect and meant to provide a long healthy future not only for the current generations but more importantly, for the future little ones to come. Charlotte and Joseph are Cree speakers and co-teachers in an online Cree & Coffee adult learning group that has been meeting since January 2021 when it was co-created with the direction of Andrea Custer-Clarke who co-taught until June 2021. We will share the beauty of sharing the Cree language with adult learners that embraces wahkōtowin for their own personal development strengthening language knowledge and building confidence in speaking.

Zoom Registration Link:



Charlotte Ross

Charlotte Rosstānsi, Charlotte Ross nitisithīkāson. I am a registered band member of Montreal Lake Cree Nation in Saskatchewan. I love working with our communities, building capacity, and empowering all people with the true history of our past while working towards a brighter and healthier future. I am a third year Ph.D. student at the University of Victoria specializing in Indigenous Language Revitalization. I am a speaker, reader and writer of the Cree language, Woodland TH-dialect, and have also been a university Instructor using materials written in the Plains Cree Y-dialect. I assist my First Nation with developing Cree language materials along with other fluent speakers and am part of a team that developed and continues to update the Circle of Indigenous Languages website (https://indigenouslanguage.ca/). The website includes categorized recordings and opportunities to connect with language mentors. Over the past three years, I have provided support for 27 Mentor Apprentice Teams across Saskatchewan to work on their language proficiency in Cree and Saulteaux. I have experience as a Board member for the Saskatchewan First Nations Economic Development Network and for the Montreal Lake Business Ventures Inc.




February 15, 2022

2:00PM PT / 3:00PM MT / 5:00PM ET

Webinar Title: Tools for First Nation – Municipal Community Economic Development Collaboration

Webinar Description: Are you interested in First Nation – Municipal collaboration but don’t know where to begin? Join the First Nation-Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI) program team on Tuesday, February 15th


This session will highlight a few CEDI tools and resources to support First Nations and municipalities to build sustainable partnerships, focusing mainly on the CEDI tool and templates, Creating a Joint Working Group for First Nation and Municipal Partnerships. A joint working group is a CEDI wise practice that has supported many First Nation-municipal partnerships to build relationships and advance collaborative planning and community economic development initiatives. Join us to learn more!

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Marissa Lawrence and Carmelle Nepoose - CEDI Program, Cando

Marissa Lawrence
Senior Program Officer - CEDI - Western Region - Cando

Marissa LawrenceMarissa has worked for Cando as the Senior Program Officer for the First Nation – Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI) since July 2017. As a member of the CEDI team, Marissa supports First Nation – municipal partnerships across the country to establish respectful and equitable partnerships and to build capacity to engage in joint planning for community economic development and land-use.

Marissa has a rich background of designing and convening community-bridging intercultural dialogue and engagement programming. Marissa holds a BA in Communications, Minor in Dialogue from Simon Fraser University (SFU), Dialogue and Civic Engagement Certificate from SFU, and is a Cando-certified Technician Aboriginal Economic Developer (TAED). She is currently working to attain the Professional Indigenous Lands Management Certificate through Vancouver Island University.

Carmelle Nepoose
Certification Coordinator (West) - Cando

Carmelle NepooseCarmelle Nepoose is from Samson Cree Nation of Maskwacis, Alberta.

Carmelle has Business Administration Accounting Diploma from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. She was previously employed with Samson Cree Nation for the last four years, where she was a dedicated employee in the Residential Development department as a CMHC Coordinator. She is very passionate about helping her Nation and Nation members by providing the best resources for programs available.

For the last 2 years, Carmelle was the Special Projects Coordinator, where she oversaw the regional events before she transferred into the role of Certification Coordinator (West).

Carmelle looks forward to having the opportunity to work with many accomplished Indigenous Economic Development Officers and Land Managers from across Canada. Working in this position she has gained valuable work experience and enjoys networking with professionals in the field of Economic Development.



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January 18, 2022

Title: Links to Learning: Aquaculture

Learn about the NICFI program that is in place to help First Nation Communities that are either already participating within the aquaculture industry or considering entering it.  This highly subscribed program has been providing financial support and technical advice since 2019.  The program is geared to help support eligible aquaculture projects through nearly all developmental activities, as well as construction, capital expenditures and so much more.  The NICFI program is available to eligible participants within the provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Speaker: Nicholas Huber

Nicholas HuberNicholas Huber joined Waubetek in August 2017. After graduating from the aquaculture program at Fleming College Nicholas spent the following 11 years growing Rainbow Trout and Atlantic Salmon in British Columbia and Scotland UK. He served as a Senior Manager in Scotland as the Seawater Regional Manager overseeing operations and production throughout the Orkney and Shetland Isles for his company. Since his return back to Ontario he has worked as a consultant working within the Ontario aquaculture industry and a brief period within the renewable energy sector.

His efforts at Waubetek have been focused on supporting growth in the aquaculture industry within First Nation communities throughout Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.




January 11, 2022

Webinar Title: Links to Learning: Disaster Recovery Preparation

Webinar Description:

If your community has not been impacted before, and even if it has, it is not “if” it is “when” the disaster will happen. However, a community that is prepared to respond to the economic impacts of any disaster will recover faster. This session will explain the ten key steps your community can take to be better prepared to respond to the economic impacts of the disaster that will come to your community soon. Colleen and Dale will explain these ten steps while also highlighting what they have witnessed firsthand in working with communities impacted by different natural and man-made disasters.



Dale WheeldonDale Wheeldon,
President and CEO,
BC Economic Development Association

Dale Wheeldon has 26 years of economic development experience and is the CEO of the BC Economic Development Association and one of the founding partners of EDCD Consulting. Starting out as in economic development in a rural BC community he then moved to Chilliwack where he worked to make Chilliwack one of the leading economic development communities in BC. He is in demand as a speaker with a presentation style combining humour with simplicity for understanding

Colleen BondColleen Bond,
EDCD Consulting

Colleen Bond is a certified Economic Developer with 24 years of economic development experience. She has extensive knowledge in building economic development programs for business retention and expansion, business attraction and foreign investment attraction. Colleen has worked from grassroots to government organizations in a variety of community development and capacity building roles earning awards along with way. Colleen co-founded EDCD Consulting to provide consulting services to economic development agencies at all levels of government.