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Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

BDC is the only bank devoted exclusively to entrepreneurs. It promotes Canadian entrepreneurship with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses. With its 110+ business centres from coast to coast, BDC provides businesses in all industries with financing and advisory services. Its investment arm, BDC Capital, offers equity, venture capital as well as customized growth and business transition capital.

Discover some of our free tips and tools for entrepreneurs:

has created a helpful small business guide and small business budget template

Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCENet)

CCEDNet is a national member-based, democratic organization and registered charity. CED can be defined as action by people locally to create economic opportunities and enhance social conditions in their communities on a sustainable and inclusive basis, particularly with those who are most disadvantaged. The membership of CCEDNet is made up of Community Economic Development (CED) community-based organizations and practitioners from every region of Canada.

Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB)

CCAB offer the Aboriginal Business Mentorship Program is an initiative that offers Aboriginal entrepreneur planning or implementing business growth and development strategies, a connection to expertise, support and guidance from seasoned business professionals.

Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO)

CESO is a leading economic development organization dedicated to sustainably reducing poverty and fostering economic growth in Canada and globally.

Community Futures Network of Canada

Community Futures Network of Canada is a national non-profit organization that provides loans, training, and tools to rural small business owners who are looking to start, expand, sell, or franchise their company(s).

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)

INAC is helping Aboriginal communities get the most from their economic development potential by investing in community readiness, entrepreneurs and businesses, land management, and strategic partnerships. The Department is also removing legislative barriers to ensure large-scale projects on reserve promoted by First Nations can proceed.

These are the key elements of the Government's approach to Aboriginal economic development, as set by the Federal Framework for Aboriginal Economic Development (2009). The Framework signified a fundamental shift in the way Aboriginal economic development is now supported by the federal government to achieve:

  • Aboriginal communities that are ready and able to seize economic development opportunities;
  • Viable Aboriginal businesses; and
  • A skilled Aboriginal workforce.

INAC manages the following programs:

Aboriginal Business and Entrepreneurship Development

Federally operated, the ABED works with Aboriginal entrepreneurs and its partners to provide a range of services and supports that promote the growth of a strong Aboriginal business sector in Canada. Support will vary depending upon the needs of the client, the availability and sources of funding, the eligibility of costs, the economic benefits, and the project viability. ABED can help Aboriginal entrepreneurs, communities and organizations to achieve their business goals.

Aboriginal Business

The national Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business is a Government of Canada initiative that helps Aboriginal businesses do more contracting with all federal government departments and agencies along with assisting Aboriginal businesses to gain access to the overall procurement process.

Innovation, Science & Economic Development Canada

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada works with Canadians in all areas of the economy and in all parts of the country to improve conditions for investment, enhance Canada's innovation performance, increase Canada's share of global trade and build a fair, efficient and competitive marketplace

National Aboriginal Economic Development Board (NAEDB)

NAEDB believes that Aboriginal Canadians and their businesses play an important role in creating a stronger economy, better jobs, and a prosperous future for all Canadians. The Board brings together First Nations, Inuit and Metis business and community leaders from all regions of Canada to advise the federal government on ways to help increase the economic participation of Aboriginal men and women in the Canadian economy.

National Aboriginal Lands Managers Assocation (NALMA)

NALMA is a national organization of First Nation Lands Managers working towards the enhancement of professional development and technical expertise in the functions of land management and which will also incorporate First Nations values and beliefs in Land Management always keeping in mind the grass-roots practices when dealing with land management. 

Statistics Canada

Quantitative information regarding Aboriginal peoples in Canada. Specifically, the Business and Finance section could be a useful resource for EDO’s working towards Aboriginal economic development.

The Inclusion Network

The Inclusion Network is a fast growing network of Aboriginal job seekers and inclusive employers-of-choise. With increasing numbers of employers engaging in Aboriginal inclusion and the business case to advance First Nations, Métis and Inuit employees, the Inclusion Network is the "go to” online meeting place for employers to connect with Canada’s future workforce.

Western Economic Development (WD)

WD works to strengthen western innovation, business development, and community economic development. For information that speaks directly to your needs:

  • Services for Business
  • Services for Not-for-Profit organizations
  • Services for Academic / Research projects
  • Services for Communities

WD helps increase the viability and diversification of local economies in Western Canada through a variety of programs and services funding, tailored to the region’s own particular strengths, challenges and opportunities.

Alberta Lands and Economic Development Advisory Committee

Alberta LEDAC has been established so that Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) and others can continue to enhance their lands & economic development programming to meet the challenges, needs and opportunities of Indigenous communities and individuals. 

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