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Mining = Opportunities for Indigenous Communities in Nova Scotia

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Tools for Communities in Nova Scotia

Webinar on Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Cando is delivering a series of webinars to provide an overview of exploration and mining activities and how Indigenous communities can generate long-lasting business and socio-economic opportunities through mining procurement. Sponsored by Natural Resources Canada, these jurisdiction-specific webinars are designed for economic development officers, land planners, community leadership and others interested in understanding the mining sector.

Each webinar aims to:

  • Present minerals maps, existing minerals/metals potential and a description of the mineral exploration and mining activities and regulations
  • Highlight the types of employment business opportunities, set-aside contracts for the procurement of goods and services required by the mining industry
  • Provide leading examples of Indigenous companies and communities benefiting from the mining sector.

This webinar is presented by Dave Lefebure, Geologist, who has many years of experience with government geoscience surveys and mineral exploration and is well-known for delivering workshops explaining mineral development to Indigenous communities.


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