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Mining and Indigenous Economic Development:
Tools for Communities

Cando is delivering a series of webinars to provide an overview of exploration and mining activities and how Indigenous communities can generate long-lasting business and socio-economic opportunities through mining procurement. Sponsored by Natural Resources Canada, these jurisdiction-specific webinars are designed for economic development officers, land planners, community leadership and others interested in understanding the mining sector.

Each webinar is unique to each region and aims to:

  • Present minerals maps, existing minerals/metals potential and a description of the mineral exploration and mining activities and regulations
  • Highlight the types of employment business opportunities, set-aside contracts for the procurement of goods and services required by the mining industry
  • Provide leading examples of Indigenous companies and communities benefiting from the mining sector.

New Mining Webinars announced for 2023!


Mining = Opportunities for Indigenous Communities in Nova Scotia

Mining=Opportunities Presentation Nova Scotia Conference

Download PDF file of presentation by Robert (Bob) Stewart

Webinar Recording:


Mining = Opportunities for Indigenous Communities in Newfoundland & Labrador



The webinars for Québec and New Brunswick are presented by Mr. Jean-Louis Causse, Economic Geologist, who has many years of experience with government geoscience surveys and mineral exploration and is well-known for delivering workshops explaining mineral development to Indigenous communities.

The webinars for the four western provinces - British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are presented by David Lefebure, a geologist with industry and government experience who has delivered numerous workshops explaining mineral exploration and mining to Indigenous communities.



Presentation files and Resources:

Newfoundland and Labrador Development Resources - February 22!

Nova Scotia Development Resources - March 8!

Quebec Mining Development Resources

New Brunswick Development Resources

Manitoba Mining Development Resources

British Columbia Mining Development Resources

Alberta Mining Development Resources

Saskatchwan Mining Development Resources




New Brunswick:

Mining = Opportunities for Indigenous Communities in New Brunswick




Mining = Opportunities for Indigenous Communities in Québec

Les possibilités liées à l'exploitation minière pour les communautés autochtones au Québec



Mining = Opportunities for Indigenous Communities in Alberta


British Columbia:

Mining = Opportunities for Indigenous Communities in British Columbia 



Mining = Opportunities for Indigenous Communities in Manitoba

Here is the link to the MAC (Manitoba) protocol


ning = Opportunities for Indigenous Communities in Saskatchewan

Additional Resources:

Download for viewing/printing the Exploration and Mining Guide for Aboriginal Communities, and other resources here.


More Information:

Contact Carmelle Nepoose for more information by email
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