ED Award LogoIn 1995 the Cando Economic Developer of the Year Award was created to recognize and promote recent or long-standing Indigenous economic development initiatives throughout Canada. All winners past and present share a common desire to bring their communities forward as each pursues a vision of sustainable economic self-sufficiency. Although the path of economic development may vary from one Indigenous community to another, the goal is always the same. That goal is to improve the wealth, prosperity and quality of life for Indigenous people.
It is important for Indigenous Economic developers to get the recognition that they deserve for their commitment and dedication to increase the standards of living and prosperity in Indigenous communities. This is what motivates Cando to coordinate and host the prestigious annual Indigenous Economic Developer of the Year Awards that recognize the outstanding achievements of nominees from across the country in three separate award categories which include: Community, Individual Economic Development Officer and Indigenous Private Sector Business. Two finalists in each of the categories are selected to present to an audience during a special plenary at the Cando Annual National Conference. After all finalists are given an equal opportunity to present, the conference delegates vote via secret ballot for the finalist who they believe is most deserving of the top award in each category.


Download ED of the Year Award nomination form here

Deadline for nominations: February 28, 2023


Contact Svitlana Konoval at or (780) 990-0303 x 231 for more information.