Justin Langan - Métis
Future lawyer also has political aspirations

By Sam Laskaris
Cando Writer 

Justin LanganJustin Langan already has a lengthy list of accolades and accomplishments.

And the 24-year-old Métis, who is an Indigenous and LGBTQ2+ activist, will soon add another highlight to his already impressive record.

Langan, who is from the Manitoba town of Swan River, is one of six individuals that have been selected to serve on the National Youth Panel for this year’s Cando Conference.

The conference, scheduled for June 26-29, will be held in Membertou, N.S.

The half dozen panelists from across the country were chosen based on their strengths, initiatives, accomplishments, entrepreneurial spirit and participation within their communities.

“It’s truly, I know it’s a cliché, but an honour honestly, just to be selected to be amongst these other amazing youths and to have to not only listen to their story but to be able to tell mine,” he said.

Langan recently completed his third year of political studies at the University of Manitoba. He’ll begin his fourth and final year of his program later this year.

But he’s already planning on continuing his education. He will be taking his LSAT (Law School Admission Test) this coming November and then applying to various schools to study law.

Langan already knows which schools will in all likelihood be his preferred choices.

“I went to Boston last year and I checked out Harvard,” he said. “They are on my radar. But I also like McGill. Those are the top two. We can all have our wish list. So, I will be applying to a few.”

It seems Langan has been destined to become a lawyer since he was a child.

“My mom always told me growing up ‘I want you to be a lawyer,’” he said. “I liked to argue she says.”

Langan also loves helping others. He’s been a longtime volunteer with the Manitoba Metis Federation.

Langan worked with various people living in rural northern communities through this work.

“It really opened my eyes to the kinds of people that lived there,” he said. “They’re loving and the word community can be summed up in these towns and villages that I visited. Advocating on behalf of them and advocating for more projects, for more assistance to help the youth prosperity is what kind of drove me. In my spare time I would volunteer and help others.”

Langan added he himself grew through his volunteerism as he was able to enjoy new experiences and also gain new friends.

“In any selfless endeavour like volunteering, we all want to make our community better, better for ourselves and better for our future generations,” Langan added.

Langan also said he does have a passion for learning.

“That’s why I love education so much,” he said. “Learning along the way in life and just meeting new people, having conversations, that’s what really motivates me. But it’s also helping to inspire others do something that they want to do – pursue their own passions.”

Besides becoming a lawyer, Langan said he also has political aspirations.

“Anywhere that I can help affect change, whether that be at the town level, municipal, provincial or federal,” he said.