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The idea of the blank scroll come to signify opportunity as it also may denote a shared future. The canoe comes into act as a means to bridge the gap (as it were).



John Tenasco is an Algonquin from the Kitigan-Zibi Anishinabeg reserve near Maniwaki, Quebec. 

John is interested in a variety of media and styles of paintings (portraiture, Abstraction, Impressionism etc.) and in producing works with Aboriginal content in as many ways possible. He earned a D.E.C. at Heritage College and a B.F.A at the University of Ottawa. John has been awarded the Jaqueline Fry Memorial Scholarship as well as the Suzanne Rivard-Lemoyne Prize.

The work of John Tenasco is situated between abstraction and realism where myriads of ideas are filtered through a personal perspective. Themes of impermanence and the instability of the image are but two that inform his artistic output. With a combination of gestural or controlled linear strokes an intuitive process begins in a search for form and meaning. The process is achieved either systematically or its foundations are obliterated---leaving only remnants of its origin. Tenasco's work contains numerous influences--not only from other artists but also ideas from philosophy, poetry and music.


University Of Ottawa , B.F.A Visual Arts, 1999-2002

Heritage College , Hull , Quebec . D.E.C Fine Arts, 1996-1998

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