Conference Logo

Conference Logo

The traditional art elements that I have combined to create this logo were the dreamcatcher, four stones (beads), and the eagle. The dreamcatcher represents the ideas and dreams of the communities Cando provides programs and services to. The stones, or beads, represent the four directions, but they also symbolize communication, trust, balance and confidence. The stones are placed within the dreamcatcher to guard against the negative influences that might try to affect the dreams of the communities. The eagle, which is focus of the piece, represents empowerment, for the eagle is the messenger that moves the dream between the spiritual/dream world to the physical/real world- the world in which communities are empowered by the support Cando provides.

Kassia Ward
Enoch Cree Nation

Born in Edmonton Alberta, and growing up on the Enoch Cree Nation, Kassia was first introduced to art as a young child when an artist came to the community to give some classes. From there her artistic inspiration was broadened during Junior High and High school art classes. During her time in University, Kassia took classes at Pro’s Art in Edmonton where she was introduced to oil painting and techniques of the old masters. Classes began by learning how to paint fruits, and flowers. Once students could handle such subject matter they were invited to paint anything from landscapes, animals and portraits.

After moving to Calgary, abstract acrylic classes were taken at the Calgary school of Arts. Students were encouraged to create and try new things by using anything from acrylic paint, gold foil, matte and gloss mediums, and modeling paste. Further classes were taken at the Alberta College of Art and Design via continuing education courses. Such classes consisted of a drawing course titled hands and feet, a mixed media course, and illustration.

Currently, Kassia lives in Vancouver, where she attends the Vancouver School of Media Arts and studies 3D character animation. 3D characters are brought to life by combining real life references, various principles of animation and Maya software. Other classes being taken at VanArts include 3D modeling, Photoshop, life drawing and story and visual language.

Kassia’s artistic inspiration comes from traveling, photos, nature, dreams and the Aboriginal Culture. Some exhibits that Kassia has participated in are the Peace Hills Trust Aboriginal Art Contest and the juried ACAD “Spotlight” exhibition. The Aboriginal Art Contest displayed the piece “Chief Enoch”. Whereas, the ACAD exhibition will be displaying the mixed media piece “Birch in Gold”, which was selected by Katherine Ylitalo, an independent curator, art writer and educator.