Ensuring Successful Business Partnerships - Renewable Energy

The Piikani Nation is located is resource rich area, with abundant renewable energy sources: land, water, sun, wind and has been vastly growing into opportunities. The Piikani Nation has been leading in the renewable energy sector with a number of projects including: solar power at both Peigan Board of Education Campus and the Piikani Resource Development Ltd. building, Oldman River Hydro Plant which is a partnership with Atco and located on the traditional territory adjacent to the Piikani Nation and Weather Dancer Wind-turbine that produces wind energy for transmission on the Nation’s 25 Kv line that connects to the grid at the Peigan Sub-station. Piikani Nation owns Peigan Indian (REA) Rural Electrification Association which purchases power and sells to Piikani Nation Members. The opportunities to develop on First Nation’s Lands is extremely potential. With the understanding from the developers adheres to the Indian Act and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. Through building capacity and networking, the First Nation’s and developers can deliver better partnerships, responsibility to the environment, and cleaner power.

Presented by: Doane Crowshoe, Piikani Resource Development Ltd.

Doane Crowshoe was first elected to the Piikani Nation Council in January 2007 and is continuing in his third term as Councillor. Doane works with the Council towards a goal of advancing economic projects and developing new economic opportunities for the Piikani Nation. As a member of the Council and one of several portfolio holders for economic development, Doane finalized negotiations and consummated business dealings with ATCO Hydro and AltaLink. Doane uses his employment experience and his Business Management degree to best serve the needs of the Piikani Nation as a Councillor and as the PRDL Board Director.