First Nations and Philanthropy

This session will explore the potential to improve the connections between Indigenous communities and the Philanthropic sector in Canada. It will provide insights into: the nature and scale of philanthropy in Canada; the meaning and significance of "qualified donee" status under the Income Tax Act of Canada; the distinction between charities and non-profit organizations; the process to register as a charity; and recent developments, including the Ulnooweg Financial Education Centre and the Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation.

Presented by: Richard Bridge, Ulnooweg Development Group / NACCA

Richard Bridge is a lawyer based in Nova Scotia’s South Shore. His primary area of practice is charity and non-profit law. His clients are a wide range of charitable organizations, foundations, non-profit organizations and philanthropists across Canada. Other areas of work include co-operative development and public sector organizations and issues. Richard has worked internationally, including projects in China. He has also created courses and taught in these areas at the University of Victoria Law School and BCIT, and has given countless public workshops and training sessions in every province in Canada. He has also published a variety of articles in these fields. Richard is a graduate of the University of Victoria - B.A. in 1986, and LL.B. in 1990. He was called the BC bar in 1991 and the Nova Scotia bar in 2006.