Boundary Dispute Resolution: Is this Something You Need?

Presented by: Erin Tompkins, Natural Resources Canada

This will be a short presentation on boundary dispute resolution and steps Canada is taking in order to begin to resolve boundary issues in Indigenous communities.


Erin Tompkins, Natural Resources Canada

Erin works within the Boundary Dispute Research Unit (B-DRU) of the Surveyor General Branch within Natural Resources Canada in Edmonton, Alberta. Erin started working for the Surveyor General Branch in 2008, building the GIS for Canada Lands. She obtained her Masters in Geography from the University of Ottawa with a focus in rural and community development in 2013. In 2013, her interests led her to a position in historical research to assist in providing legal boundary opinions for various clients. The B-DRU was recently established to resolve boundary issues. The first year for this Unit will consist of consulting with Indigenous organizations and communities to determine what practices are best and the desired outcomes of each community with respect to resolving land boundary issues.