Robert Lagasse

Robert Lagasse, Xeylsqoyeplexw, is a Red River Metis of Cree, Saulteaux and French Canadian ancestry. He has served as the Economic Development Manager for Sts’ailes since 1997 with responsibilities as administrator of the Sts’ailes Aboriginal Rights & Title Department. Robert was appointed by Council as COO of the Sts’ailes Development Corporation (SDC) when formed in 2008. In 2013 he was appointed as CEO of SDC. His professional experience in aboriginal community economic development dates back to 1977 working in Aboriginal communities where he served as EDO with the Government of the NWT, as Economic Development Manager for the Sto:lo Tribal Council and the Sto:lo Nation, Acting Director of Sto:lo Nation Health Department, and Manager of Health Policy and as Business Advisor to the United Native Nations before joining Sts’ailes in 1997. Robert is co-owner of a family owned insulation and coatings company, serves as director for several business entities and as a volunteer director of the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society since 2009.