TAED Renewal

A Technician Aboriginal Economic Developer certification is valid for a total of 4 years and must be renewed thereafter.

To renew your TAED, you must complete a total of 30 training hours, and hold a Cando individual membership. These hours can be accumulated over the four year period leading up to your TAED renewal.

The following are a list of activities that would qualify for training hours.

Please note, for every hour participated in the activities goes towards the 30hr minimum required to renew:

                  • Attendance at a Cando Annual National Conference & AGM (20hrs accumulated here)

                  • Other economic development training courses (i.e Links to Learning)

                  • Speaking/presenting at a conference

                  • Other related courses/workshops

                  • Development/delivery of a workshop, lecturers, webinars, seminars

                  • Economic development board representation

                  • Research participation/delivery

                  • Other (to be assessed on an individual basis)

Download the TAED Renewal Form

For help applying, or more information, contact a certification coordinator:

Western Region (Manitoba and west)
Geraldine Potts, Cando Certification Coordinator at 1-780-990-0303 ext 221
or email: geraldine.potts@edo.ca for more information.

Eastern Region (Ontario and east)
Anita Boyle, Cando Certification Coordinator at 1-506-623-9596
or email: anita.boyle@edo.ca for more information.



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