11 Competencies

How the Competencies Relate to the Jobs of Aboriginal EDOs

The 11 competencies identified for the job of an Aboriginal EDO are not used only in that occupation. Some are transferable to other occupations or are used in other parts of one's life.

Aboriginal EDOs say that the competencies are the ones they believe to be the most common and important to their work. They are the primary areas of knowledge and skills that are needed to do the job well. Although the majority of Aboriginal EDOs involved with developing this process feel capable of doing their jobs, almost all said that there are areas that they need to improve their competence in some areas. They felt that having a more detailed description of the competencies was a big help in thinking about their professional development as well as their job requirements.

The 11 competencies are listed below:

11 Competencies

  1. Aboriginal Law & Policies
  2. Organizational & Financial Management
  3. Governance & Leadership
  4. Economics
  5. Sustainable Environment & Land Stewardship
  6. Lands & Resource Management
  7. Project Management
  8. Community Planning and Development
  9. Community-Based Aboriginal Economic Development
  10. Contemporary Aboriginal Economic Development
  11. Aboriginal Business Development & Entrepreneurship



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Western Region (Manitoba and west)
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Anita Boyle, Cando Certification Coordinator at 1-506-623-9596
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