Technician Aboriginal Economic Developer


To earn the Technician Aboriginal Economic Developer, candidate (student in the process) must demonstrate 11 Competencies that can be earned either through post-secondary study (delivered through an accredited program - universities and colleges across Canada), course by course match up and/or through Cando Assessment to measuring past learning and experience.

The steps to Technician Level Certification are as follows:

  1. Complete the Certification Interview Assessment.
  2. Complete the Technician Level Certification Application.
  3. Submit the Cando Membership form and $149.00 registration fee (includes membership fee, transcript review and Cando publication. If you are applying for prior learning assessment and recognition, a $75.00 fee is required in addition to the TAED registration fee). Note: plus applicable taxes.
  4. Submit a copy of your original transcripts and resume.
  5. Submit all documents by mail, fax or email.

The steps to Technician Level Certification through Accredited Programs are as follows:

  1. Accredited Program's contact person will submit a form indicating that you are eligible for TAED Certification, eligibility is based on graduating from the Accredited program from one of our 8 Accredited Institutions.
  2. Complete TAED (Accredited) Application form. Note: Applications provided by Accredited Program, however you can also contact Certification Coordinator at Cando for details.
  3. Submit completed Cando Membership form.
  4. Submit a copy of your original transcripts.
  5. Submit all documents by mail, fax or email.

Please note: the deadline for processing TAED applicants is September 20, 2019

For more information:

Western Region (Manitoba and west)
Carmelle Nepoose, Cando Certification Coordinator at 1-780-990-0303 ext 237
or email: for more information.

Eastern Region (Ontario and east)
Anita Boyle, Cando Certification Coordinator at 1-506-623-9596
or email: for more information.



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