Professional Aboriginal Economic Developer


The process for applying to PAED is the same whether you are a new applicant, or renewing your PAED certificate.

PAED is valid for 5 years and must be renewed thereafter.

Over the course of the 5 years, PAED applicants must have attended a combination of the following (2 in total):

  • Cando Conference

  • Cando Professional Development Course (and/or relevant courses/conferences/presenting/research)

  • Cando Accredited Training Course (cannot be the same course as previously utilized to obtain TAED)

In addition, the applicant must also posses the following: current individual membership with Cando, TAED certification (and/or previously grandfathered).

Please submit proof of these requirements (receipts, conference agendas, registration forms, certificate of completion, etc..) in addition to the PAED application/renewal form, and your updated resume to a certification coordinator.

For more information:

Western Region (Manitoba and west)
Geraldine Potts, Cando Certification Coordinator at 1-780-990-0303 ext 221
or email: for more information.

Eastern Region (Ontario and east)
Anita Boyle, Cando Certification Coordinator at 1-506-623-9596
or email: for more information.