2022-23 TAED & PAED Graduates 

On Thursday, June 29, 2023, Cando held a recognition ceremony for 26 Technician Aboriginal Economic Developer (TAED) and 1 Professional Aboriginal Economic Developer (PAED) graduates.

Congratulations to Economic Developers who worked hard to earn their designation!

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Technician Aboriginal Economic Developer Level Graduates

  • Ian Bear, NB
  • Jim. R Beardy, SK
  • Christy Bird, MB
  • Lisa Cannady, BC
  • D’Arcy Cyre, BC
  • Sarah DeLaronde, MB
  • Chelsea Doyle, BC
  • Ryan Galay, BC
  • Will George, BC
  • Sandra Haley, BC
  • Danielle Lightning, AB
  • Samantha McLellan, NB
  • Holly Mitchell, NB
  • Tara Myran, MB
  • Colleen Nolan, ON
  • Clement Ogunje, MB
  • Ana Peasgood, BC
  • Kelly Peili Lin, BC
  • Janelle Poiron, MB
  • Geraldine Potts, AB
  • Ronen Sabag, BC
  • Hillary Sheppard, BC
  • Dale Skibinsky, SK
  • Farley Stewart, BC
  • Ryan Watmough, BC
  • Jill Yanch, AB


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Professional Aboriginal Economic Developer Level Graduate


  • Jeanette Bear, NB