2019 Graduates

Cando Certified Aboriginal Economic Developer
Recognition Ceremony

On Wednesday, October 30, 2019, Cando will hold a recognition ceremony for 23 Technician Aboriginal Economic Developer (TAED) and 2 Professional Aboriginal Economic Developer (PAED) graduates.

Congratulations to this year’s group of Economic Developers who worked hard to earn their designation!

Technician Aboriginal Economic Developer Level Graduates

• Megan Arcand, AB
• Jonathan Cada-Doiron, ON
• Michelle Francis-Denny, NS
• Shannon Goulet, MB
• Sylvia Harris, MB
• Amber Jones, ON
• Marissa Lawrence, BC
• Amy Lizotte, NT
• Katherine Milley, NB
• Keshia Moffat, NB
• Carmelle Nepoose, AB
• Eve O’Leary, SK
• Étienne Pilon-Choquette, QC
• Shannon Polches, NB
• Paul Pospisil, SK
• Cynthia Rayner, BC
• Justin Roy, QC
• Jessica Sanderson-Barry, AB
• Jessica Saunders, AB
• James Stevens, NS
• Matthew Tapper, NS
• Dianne Thomas, ON
• Dylan Whiteduck, QC

Professional Aboriginal Economic Developer Level Renewals

• Stanley Barnaby, NB
• Tanya Tourangeau, AB


2019 Graduates

Verna and JohnCarmelle and Anita

Dr. Verna Billy-Minnaberriet (left), and Dr. John
Chenowyth from Cando’s Education Committee presented all the 2019 graduates with their TAED
and PAED certificates.
Carmelle Nepoose (left), Certification Coordinator (West) and Anita Boyle, Certification Coordinator (East).