About Certification

In 1993, Cando conducted a national survey of practicing Economic Development Officers (EDOs) to gain a clear picture of their education and training needs. Currently, Cando has two Certification Designations, the Technician Aboriginal Economic Developer (TAED) Certificate and the Professional Aboriginal Economic Developer (PAED) Certificate.

In 2007, Cando began the process of reviewing the TAED and PAED certification and through research and surveys with Cando Board of Directors, Committee members, Economic Development Officers, Cando Members at large, Accredited Institutions, and the many participants that attend our Annual National Cando Conference, Cando has made some changes to it Certification Process.

The previous 16 Competencies were developer through a DACUM (Developing Curriculum) Process to identify core competencies.  The core competencies that were identified at this time have been included in the new competencies.  Educators and Indigenous EDOs worked together and agreed on a process to ensure the content was relevant to the field of Indigenous economic development. The Process was the first national Professional Certification Process designed, developed and facilitated by an Indigenous organization.

The TAED certification competencies have been decreased to 11 competencies, with additions to the competencies outcomes and deletion to repetitions as well the basic competencies that are already requirements within the other competencies that were compiled.  The process of restructuring of our new competencies was completed in 2015, and is now in transition stages. 

The four guiding principles for education & training identified through Cando Certification process are:


Indigenous EDOs felt that additional relevant training was needed to provide them with the skills and knowledge required to effectively meet the demands of their jobs, and the full potential of their communities.


We recognize prior learning through the Cando individual assessment process (you shouldn’t have to return to school for what you’ve already learned!), and we will provide you with assistance and information no matter where you’re calling from.


Our admission fees are very reasonable, and we provide reference to scholarships and bursaries that may be available to you.


We have a nation-wide network of post-secondary institutions that deliver courses that are part of the Certification Process.


For more information:

Western Region (Manitoba and west)
Geraldine Potts, Cando Certification Coordinator at 1-780-990-0303 ext 221
or email: geraldine.potts@edo.ca for more information.

Eastern Region (Ontario and east)
Anita Boyle, Cando Certification Coordinator at 1-506-623-9596
or email: anita.boyle@edo.ca for more information.