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The CEDI program is centered on the ‘Stronger Together’ approach, which is a four (4) stage planning strategy that incorporates relationship building throughout the process. Through collaboration, partners are working to reconcile past differences and build powerful new relationships based on mutual respect, understanding, and a shared vision for the future.

Based on the success of CEDI partnerships utilizing the Stronger Together approach, the ‘Stronger Together’ toolkit has been developed; it provides a step-by-step process and set of tools that First Nations and municipalities, and organization involved in CED, can use to work together on joint community economic development.


CEDI Impact Document - Download PDF

Newsletter Series – Stronger Together

Each week the Cando newsletter features a CEDI article; starting in the Fall of 2017, the Stronger Together series has focused on sharing insight into relationship building and joint CED through the examples of successful collaboration, and guidance and tools outlined in the Stronger Together Toolkit.

Check out past articles:

  • Stronger Together Toolkit
  • Defining First Nation – municipal joint community economic development
  • Choosing a partner for joint CED
  • Stronger Together Stages
  • Stage A: Connect
  • Stage A: Workshop
  • Stage A: Council Resolution
  • Stage B: Vision Friendship Accords
  • Partnership Forum
  • Relationship Building – Relationship Assessment
  • Relationship Building – Historic Timeline
  • Relationship Building: Having Difficult Conversations & Dialogue Principles
  • Relationship Building: Building Awareness and Understanding
  • Relationship Building: Creating a Shared Vision
  • Stage C: Decide
  • Joint Key Messages
  • Stage D: Act

    Download the full newsletter series in one word document here!

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The Stronger Together toolkit is available to download for free online. Download your copy of the toolkit and follow along with us as we explore relationship building, capacity building and developing joint community economic development initiatives.



The Stronger Together Toolkit

Many municipalities and First Nations want to collaborate but do not know where to start. There may be big differences in the communities' legal rights, economic conditions, demographics, cultures, and how they govern themselves.

The Stronger Together Toolkit offers step-by-step suggestions on how to bridge differences so partners can find new ways to work together for mutual prosperity.

Download the Stronger Together Toolkit



This brochure provides a quick reference to the Toolkit and joint economic development. Download, share or print it and talk about it with colleagues, council or a neighbouring community to begin a discussion on First Nation-municipal collaboration.


Download the Toolkit-at-a-Glance



First Nations - Municipalities Partnership Video

Watch our new video promoting partnerships between First Nations and their neighbouring municipalities to foster greater understanding and for mutual economic benefit.

This video prepared in partnership with the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and Cando.



For More Information:

Marissa Lawrence
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Derek M. Bruno and Jill Yanch
CEDI Program Management Team
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