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Cando and FCM launch a call for applications for one (1) new First Nation – Municipal Partnership to participate in the First Nations – Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI) program 2019-2021.

Are you a First Nation or municipality interested in participating in a cutting-edge program that supports reconciliation through relationship-building and the development of a joint community economic initiative?

The Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers (Cando) and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) have an opening for a First Nation-Municipal partnership with the First Nations – Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI) program. The CEDI program supports First Nations and adjacent municipalities to develop and implement joint community economic development or land use initiatives while building a resilient, sustainable partnership.

Previous and current CEDI First Nation – Municipal partnerships across Canada have collaborated on many successful joint community economic development initiatives including: the development of a Regional Economic Development Strategic Plan; the development and implementation of a Joint Tourism Strategy that led to the hiring of a Tourism Officer employed jointly by the partners; the creation of joint Land Use Plans; successful joint investor attraction; and a First Nation Industrial Park initiative that provides benefits to both the municipality and the First Nation. The CEDI program typically works with partner communities over a three-year time frame. Given the timing of this application, successful applicants will have a condensed two-year period to achieve the deliverables below. In order to achieve success, communities will need to commit to working at an accelerated pace.

Below is a sample timeline that lays out the deliverables of this program within this accelerated model. Please review the timeline below and ensure your communities would be able to meet the requirements.

Summary of deliverables:

• Participating in four joint workshops, designed jointly and facilitated by the CEDI team

• Passing council resolutions committing to process

• Establishing a CEDI Working Group and selecting community champions to participate in it

• Drafting and passing WG Terms of Reference

• Drafting and passing Relationship/Friendship Agreement or MOU, if applicable

• Developing annual workplans for the Working Group

• Preparing to implement joint economic development initiative(s)

• Jointly managing and using available capacity building grants

Suggested delivery timeline:

Note: Monthly Working Group Meetings (WGM) will be held to plan for joint Workshops and to forward the workplan. Additional strategic planning sessions may be required.

Early April 2019

• Host one on one meetings (each community with CEDI team)

• Establish CEDI Champions and Working Group

End of April 2019

• Host first joint Working Group (WG) meeting

Early June 2019

• Host CEDI joint Workshop #1 – Needs Assessment and Validation

July/Aug 2019

• Both communities pass council resolutions committing to CEDI for 2yrs

Sept 2019

• Draft Working Group Terms of Reference (TOR)

Oct/Nov 2019

• Host CEDI joint Workshop #2 – Vision Setting and Drafting Relationship/Friendship Accord or MOU

• Complete draft Relationship/Friendship Accord or MOU

Jan/Feb 2020

• Draft CEDI WG annual workplan

Apr/May 2020

• Host CEDI joint Workshop #3 – Joint Planning for Economic Development Initiative

Dec-Mar 2021

• Access capacity building grants for joint economic development initiative

Program Information

Who should apply?

• First Nation and municipal governments – jointly • First Nation and municipal partners who have a shared interest in joint economic development planning

What is joint community economic development?

• Joint Community Economic Development is a process by which community partners initiate and generate their own innovative solutions to their common economic problems, thereby building mutual long-term community capacity. This approach integrates economic, social, and environmental objectives that benefit members of both of communities, building stronger, and more sustainable communities.

What are the benefits to joint community economic development?

There are many potential benefits, including:

• A stronger, united voice for engaging with businesses and other levels of government.
• Increased ability to access funding from other levels of government.
• Cost savings and more efficient program and/or service delivery.
• More opportunities for local business development and jobs.
• Ability to leverage the unique financial, human and physical resources of each partner.
• Coordinated planning efforts to improve land use, land management and environmental/resource protection.

What level of commitment is required and when?

By participating in the CEDI program, the joint applicants are committing to an exciting and innovative program that runs from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2021 and during that time they will:

• Assign working group champions, minimum of one elected official and one staff member from each community, to lead participation in the CEDI program and attend monthly joint working group meetings.

• Through the joint working group, contribute to the design and development of 2 workshops for staff and elected officials per year that include objectives pertaining to relationship development and joint community economic development initiatives.

How much does participation in the CEDI program cost?

It’s free! The CEDI Program provides technical support through third-party facilitation, utilizing the Stronger Together approach, for working group meetings and workshops, administrative support, along with financial support by covering workshop costs. In addition, there are three CEDI grants that are available jointly to the participating communities (details below).

Is there available funding to support a joint community economic development initiative?
There are three grants available to support the selected partnership in the development and implementation of their joint community economic development initiative:

1. Peer Mentoring Grant – $3,600 that can be used for travel and accommodations for a peer mentor.

2. Study Tour / Learning Grant – $7,200 that can be used for learning activities locally or further afield.

3. Capacity Building Grant – $35,000 that can be used to support the implementation of the joint community economic development initiative.

What important dates do you need to be aware of?

• Friday, March 15th (midnight, MST) Joint Application Deadline.

• Short-listed applicants must be available for an interview between Monday, March 25th & Friday, March 29th.

• Successful applicants will be notified at the 1st week of April and should be available for an orientation meeting with the CEDI team within 2 weeks of being notified.

If you are a pair of a First Nation and a municipal government, and are interested in participating in the CEDI program, we ask that you jointly complete the application for consideration. The program will consider joint applications (only) from First Nations and municipal governments based on the following criteria:

1. The candidates should have clear needs for support in the area of joint community economic development;

2. Candidates should have political leadership of both the First Nation and municipality able to demonstrate:

a. Interest and leadership in supporting and participating in intergovernmental relationship building;

b. Interest and leadership in exploring regional planning processes; &

c. Time and capacity to commit to the CEDI process.

3. Candidates should have the capacity to dedicate staff resources (estimated 12 hours/month) to CEDI work;

4. Candidates should understand the goals, objectives and expectations of CEDI program and the nature of the support to be provided. It should be clear that candidates are prepared to begin in April 2019 and have the capacity to commit to an accelerated process (completing March 31, 2021).

The deadline for application submission is March 15th at midnight MST. Applications can be submitted by email to CEDI@edo.ca

We will be contacting only shortlisted community partnerships on March 22nd, 2019 to confirm their desire to participate in the program and to partake in an interview.

If you would like to know more about the CEDI Program, please visit www.fcm.ca/cedi or www.edo.ca/cedi

Instructions to completing the application:

Please Note: All three sections (Joint, First Nation, & Municipal) must be completed and submitted by email to CEDI@edo.ca; applicants are asked to submit one joint application, with all sections completed.

Deadline is March 15th.

Please email
CEDI@edo.ca if you have any questions.

Determine which community representative will begin the application.
Select the English or French version of the Application.

Save the application* to your computer using both communities names (First Nation & Municipality) (i.e. Enoch Edmonton CEDI Application)

Complete the your section of the application and start to think about how you would answer the joint section.|

Save the application and send to the joint co-applicant to complete their section.
Once both have completed their sections, have a meeting to discuss and complete answering the joint section.

Submit completed application CEDI@edo.ca by March 15th.

*Saved applications can be edited as many times as needed. As well, individual answers can be edited.


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