Guides and Tools for First Nation – Municipal Collaboration

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Stronger Together  - A Guide for Collaboration

cedi-guide-for-collaborationFirst Nations and municipalities across Canada are mandated to attract, retain and expand new and existing businesses. Despite some distinctions in how they operate, they continue to prove that their communities are stronger together.

This guide explains the different types of economic development structures commonly used by First Nations and municipalities, and shares tips on how your First Nation or municipality can collaborate on exciting new economic development initiatives.

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Creating a Joint Working Group for First Nation-Municipal Partnerships


Creating a forum to collaborate on joint community economic development priorities has proven to be a best practice for First Nations and municipalities. Informed by First Nation-municipal partnerships across Canada, this tool provides guidance for creating an effective joint Working Group (JWG).

There is the Guide and also three templates.

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Economic Recovery and Resilience: A Guide for First Nation-Municipal Collaboration

CEDI-guide-resiliencyDisasters have increased in frequency and intensity in recent years. Across borders and jurisdictions, natural disasters and economic impacts of COVID-19 have thrust emergency preparedness and economic recovery onto government radars. First Nation and municipal governments have unique jurisdictions and different relationships and responsibilities to their membership or citizens; although, similarly they often lack the fiscal and human capacity for effective preparedness, response, and recovery.

The First Nation – Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI) has created this guide with the intention to support First Nations and municipalities to collaborate on preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters of any kind. It establishes a framework, bolstered by best practices, for communities who want to begin or strengthen emergency management partnerships.

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Learn more about this guide, and how to use it alongside CEDI’s Stronger Together: A Toolkit for First Nations-Municipal Community Economic Development Partnerships.


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