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Financial Resources

We are pleased to share a number of funding resources for First Nations and municipalities – both at the provincial and national level – to support your community’s economic development planning and initiatives.

In order to keep our list current, we invite you to contact us directly (see contact information below) if you have information on or suggestions for other relevant funding opportunities to add to our growing list.

Please let us know directly if your community is able to take advantage of funding from this list as we would like to follow the success of all joint economic development projects across the country.

Select the province or region where you live to learn what resources are available for your project and jurisdiction.

Relationship / Friendship Accords and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

A Relationship / Friendship Accord creates the opportunity to outline why and how two (or more) communities would like to build and sustain their relationship over the long term. These document are used to:

• strengthen the relationship and provide a framework to undertake joint work
• provide structure, although this not a legal document or a business agreement
• inspire and guide the long-term relationship
• celebrate with the broader communities and regional partners
• formalize the spirit, intent and cooperative agreement of the partnership


Joint Governance Terms of Reference


Learning from Past CEDI Partnerships - Phase 1 CEDI Partnership Profiles

The six CEDI groups formed between 2013 and 2016 saw 7 First Nations and 9 municipal/regional partners working together in all regions across Canada. Some embarked on economic diversification and tourism plans. Others sought to attract new investors to their region. Most found that in the end, their partnership had the power to implement joint visions they took time to articulate at the start.

More than anything, CEDI partners came to value that they are stronger together.


Toolkits and Reports

The Stronger Together toolkit is available to download for free online. Download your copy of the toolkit and follow along with us as we explore relationship building, capacity building and developing joint community economic development initiatives.




The Stronger Together Toolkit

Many municipalities and First Nations want to collaborate but do not know where to start. There may be big differences in the communities' legal rights, economic conditions, demographics, cultures, and how they govern themselves.

The Stronger Together Toolkit offers step-by-step suggestions on how to bridge differences so partners can find new ways to work together for mutual prosperity.

Download the Stronger Together Toolkit





This brochure provides a quick reference to the Toolkit and joint economic development. Download, share or print it and talk about it with colleagues, council or a neighbouring community to begin a discussion on First Nation-municipal collaboration.


Download the Toolkit-at-a-Glance


FN-Muni Land Use Tool cover  

Joint Land Use Planning Tool

Joint First Nation-Municipal land use planning is about working together to create a seamless and sustainable strategy for managing human use of the local landscape.
A sustainable land use plan is built through sharing and cooperation, mutual respect for and recognition of municipal and Indigenous rights and obligations, and mutual responsibilities to each other, the land, and future
generations. It creates a lasting bond between communities, a healthier environment, sustainable economic development,
and a better world for all our relations.

Download the First Nations - Municipal Land Use Planning Tool


2018 Partnership Forum Report cover


Indigenous – Local Government Partnership Forum

Participants reflected on four key objectives:

• What are the key components of strong, sustainable and equitable partnerships?

• What are the barriers and gaps to these partnerships, and how do we collectively overcome them?

• What tools currently exist to support Indigenous – local government collaboration,
and are others required?

• How does Indigenous – local government collaboration contribute to reconciliation,
and how can the Government of Canada and Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations assist?

Download the Partnership Forum
Summary Report



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