Paul Macedo

Communications Director

Paul is excited to promote the tremendous work that Cando does as a leading authority on Indigenous Economic Development. In his role as Communications Director, Paul oversees the relationships between Cando and its many partners in the public and private sectors. Paul also oversees the development and distribution of all Cando communications including - the main Cando website ( the e-newsletters, Cando Connect magazine, plus all of Cando's growing social media channels (facebook, twitter and linkedIn).

More recently, Paul has assumed the lead role for Cando's marketing and sponsorships/fundraising for Cando's various events, special projects and overall programming.

Paul is a graduate of the University of Alberta where he received a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Business Administration.

After graduating, Paul spent the next 25 years working in marketing and communications. Paul’s career has ranged from overseeing satellite distribution for 35+ northern Alberta Indigenous communities to developing a compressive marketing and sales strategy for Windspeaker/AMMSA’s many media brands including: Windspeaker, CFWE radio, Alberta Sweetgrass, and many others. 

Paul has extensive knowledge of Indigenous communities - having travelled to and worked with most First Nations and Métis Settlements in Alberta and several more in western Canada. Paul has worked with governments of all levels as well as with corporations and non-profit organizations in developing effective and culturally sensitive strategies to communicate with Indigenous people and their communities throughout Canada.

Telephone: 1.780.990.0303 ext 236