Board of Directors

The Cando Board of Directors consists of elected members who are responsible for managing the affairs of Cando. The Board of Directors is responsible for developing Cando's three year business plan, including budgets. It makes annual adjustments to the business plan, and provides direction to the Cando Office through the Executive Director, who ensures the business plan is executed. Directors must hold full membership in Cando, be involved in economic development, and employed by an Indigenous organization or community. The Board convenes meetings two to three times per year at different locations in Canada and meets several times per year through teleconferencing.


Meet the Executive Committee

“I would like to thank Keith Matthew, on behalf of the Cando Board and Staff for all the dedication and leadership he has brought to the organization for the last six years.  I am very humbled to be elected as the new President of Cando and am eager to move forward the work of the organization and the Board as we continue to support Indigenous Economic Development.”  


Stanley Barnaby, President of Cando


The Executive Committee was elected by the Board of Directors on January 20, 2021

Stanley 2018

Stanley Barnaby
President & Director - New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island
(506) 444‐8884
Stanley.Barnaby [at]
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Trevor C. AcooseTrevor C. Acoose
Vice President & Director - Saskatchewan
(306) 697-8122
secondbuffalo [at]


Shawna photo 2019Shawna Morning Bull
Secretary Treasurer & Director - Alberta
(403) 238-9100
shawna [at]


Elaine Chambers 2020
Elaine Chambers
Director - Yukon
(867) 668-6925
elaine [at]

Bertram Mercer
Bertram Mercer
Director - Northern British Columbia
(250) 633-3000
bertramm [at]

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Nathan Crow
Nathan Crow
National Student Director
(403) 849-7379
nathan.crow [at]

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Bill WilliamsBill Williams
Director - Nunavut
(867) 979-4620
exdir [at]

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Edmond CollinsEd Collins
Director - Ontario
(807) 356-1970
ejcollinsjr [at]
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John HazenbergJohn Hazenberg
Director - Northwest Territories
(867) 445-8837
john.hazenberg [at]
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