Dreamcatcher Program

This program is designed to improve the economic, cultural and social prospects of Aboriginal Youth. This program engages Aboriginal youth age 15-24 years old who think about owning a business. The program will introduce the Aboriginal youth to cool, interesting, youth entrepreneurs and connect them with Aboriginal mentors from all over Canada. This is your opportunity for Aboriginal youth to explore their ideas further with the help of Aboriginal mentors.

The Aboriginal Youth Business Dream Catcher Program is geared towards Aboriginal youth, who want to develop their business concept, increase business and their entrepreneurial knowledge and to increase their financial literacy skills.

This program will provide the youth with the practical information, steps, tools and resources on business planning, opportunities, partnerships, products and programs designed to support, develop and enhance Aboriginal youth in pursuit of developing Aboriginal business initiatives.

Workshop Series

  • Starting the Journey
  • Business Planning
  • Dealing with Finance
  • Exposing Funding

If you would like to have this program delivered in your community contact the Cando office at cando@edo.ca to discuss funding options.

For more information, please contact the Cando office at (780) 990‐0303 or email laurie.buffalo@edo.ca.

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