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The L2L Webinar Series will take place between October and March!

Successful land management and economic development initiatives are key to building healthy, thriving Indigenous communities. Links to Learning (L2L) is developing a virtual training series that provides a wide range of learning opportunities for Economic Development Officers (EDOs) and Lands Management Officers (LMOs).

The L2L Webinar Series will include weekly scheduled delivery of virtual workshops, presentations and panels led by experts in a range of Indigenous economic and land development related disciplines unique to the region. Each of the four (4) streams will be customized to address issues and learning relevant to the region.

In addition, the L2L Webinar Series will deliver two Accredited Training courses that can be used to earn course credits towards Cando’s TAED Certification or PAED re-Certification.

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Plus there will be opportunities for dialogue and networking. 





January 26 & 28, 2021

Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) - Department of National Defense (DND) and Public Service Procurement Canada (PSPC)

Since its launch in April 2018, IDEaS has been posting Challenges for the Canadian Innovation Community. The various elements of IDEaS, which include Competitive Projects, Contests, Innovation Networks, Sandboxes, and Test Drive are going to be used to present these Challenges to you!

The program is looking for your solutions to support the development of defence and security capabilities.

IDEaS fosters open innovation to provide creative thinkers with the structure and support to encourage solutions, which will assist in solving some of Canada’s toughest defence and security challenges.

IDEaS will support the development of solutions from their conceptual stage, through prototype testing and capability development. The program includes several elements that promote collaboration between innovators, provides developmental resources and provides opportunities to interact with DND’s science and military members. Through which all innovators are on an even playing field to solve specific defence and security challenges.

January 26th

- Alberta Zoom Link and
British Columbia Zoom Link

January 28th

- Manitoba Zoom Link and
Saskatchewan Zoom Link



February 2 & 4, 2021

Indigenous Development & Prosperity
- Kendal Netmaker

Kendal NetmakerFebruary 2nd

- Alberta Zoom Link and
British Columbia Zoom Link:

February 4th

- Manitoba Zoom Link and
Saskatchewan Zoom Link:




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  • Entrepreneurship Resources and Funding Sources

  • Good Governance

  • Disaster Readiness & Recovery

  • Virtual Business Development

  • Tourism

  • Lands Management

  • Agriculture and Agri Foods

  • Aquaculture

  • Natural Resources Development Opportunities

  • Clean Energy

  • Climate Change

  • Finance – Capital Acquisition

  • Export Development 

  • Government Procurement (dedicated content stream)





December 15 & 17, 2020
Zoomed Out? Zoom In! - Michelle Nieviadomy

December 8 & 10, 2020
Indigenous Leadership - Kendal Netmaker

December 1 & 3, 2020
Indigenous Entrepreneurship - Kendal Netmaker

November 24 & 26, 2020
Establishing Decolonized Development Corporations

November 3 & 5, 2020
First Nations Good Governance & Economic Resiliency

October 13 & 15, 2020
Master Your Disaster: A Primer

October 6 & 8, 2020
First Nations Good Governance & Designing Self-Governments


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for alternate Days and Times!

L2L - BC Webinar Series  

BC Links to Learning 
2:00pm PT; 3:00pm MT; 4:00pm CT; 5:00pm ET; 6:00pm AT

MC: Michelle Nieviadomy

Co-MC: Keith Matthew

L2L - AB Webinar Series  

Alberta Links to Learning
9:00am PT; 10:00am MT; 11:00am CT; 12:00pm ET; 1:00pm AT

MC: Michelle Nieviadomy

Co-MC: Shawna Morning-Bull

L2L - SK Webinar Series  

Saskatchewan Links to Learning
1:00pm PT; 2:00pm MT; 3:00pm CT; 4:00pm ET; 5:00pm AT

MC: Michelle Nieviadomy

Co-MC: Aubrey-Anne Laliberte- Pewapisconias


L2L - MB Webinar Series  

Manitoba Links to Learning
8:00am PT; 9:00am MT; 10:00 CT; 11:00am ET, 12:00pm AT

MC: Michelle Nieviadomy

Co-MC: Tim Daniels

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Danielle Lightning
Phone Number: 780-990-0303 ext 229


Cando is working to develop additional regional training and learning events for 2020 & 2021.
We will provide more information when it becomes available.