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The L2L Webinar Series launches October 2020!

Successful land management and economic development initiatives are key to building healthy, thriving Indigenous communities. Links to Learning (L2L) is developing a virtual training series that provides a wide range of learning opportunities for Economic Development Officers (EDOs) and Lands Management Officers (LMOs).

Building on its established model from many years of hosting and refining the physical Links to Learning forums held in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba since 2013, Cando has created the L2L Webinar Series to continue the work of building capacity for EDOs and the Indigenous communities they serve.

The goal of Links to Learning has always been to deliver a dynamic technical training forum for EDOs and LMOs to enhance their ability to undertake successful lands and economic development ventures for Indigenous communities. The L2L Webinar Series will focus on knowledge sharing and skills enhancement among practitioners at the community level. Please see list of topics and subject matter to be delivered during the L2L Webinar Series.

The L2L Webinar Series will include weekly scheduled delivery of virtual workshops, presentations and panels led by experts in a range of Indigenous economic and land development related disciplines unique to the region. Each of the four (4) streams will be customized to address issues and learning relevant to the region.

In addition, the L2L Webinar Series will deliver two Accredited Training courses that can be used to earn course credits towards Cando’s TAED Certification or PAED re-Certification.

Check it out current courses being offered here.

Plus there will be opportunities for dialogue and networking. 

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  • Entrepreneurship Resources and Funding Sources

  • Good Governance

  • Disaster Readiness & Recovery

  • Virtual Business Development

  • Tourism

  • Lands Management

  • Agriculture and Agri Foods

  • Aquaculture

  • Natural Resources Development Opportunities

  • Clean Energy

  • Climate Change

  • Finance – Capital Acquisition

  • Export Development 

  • Government Procurement (dedicated content stream)


The L2L Webinar Series launches October 2020!


The L2L Webinar Series Days and Times!

L2L - BC Webinar Series  

BC Links to Learning 
1:00pm PT; 2:00pm MT; 3:00pm CT; 4:00pm ET

MC: Michelle Nieviadomy

Co-MC: Keith Matthew

L2L - AB Webinar Series  

Alberta Links to Learning
9:00am PT; 10:00am MT; 11:00am CT; 12:00pm ET

MC: Michelle Nieviadomy

Co-MC: Shawna Morning-Bull

L2L - SK Webinar Series  

Saskatchewan Links to Learning
1:00pm PT; 2:00pm MT; 3:00pm CT; 4:00pm ET

MC: Aubrey-Anne Laliberte- Pewapisconias


L2L - MB Webinar Series  

Manitoba Links to Learning
8:00am PT; 9:00am MT; 10:00 CT; 11:00am ET

MC: Michelle Nieviadomy

Co-MC: Tim Daniels


Download L2L Webinar Series Poster

For more information, please contact:

Danielle Stanley
Phone Number: 780-990-0303 ext 229


Cando is working to develop additional regional training and learning events for 2019.
We will provide more information when it becomes available.