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Congratulations to this year's Economic Developer of the Year Winners!

Individual EDO Category

Community Category

Aboriginal Private Sector Business Category



2018 Economic Development Award Nominees

Cando received 9 nominations in the three categories for the 2018 Cando Economic Developer Awards.  Please join us in congratulating all nominees on their great achievements.  Please click on each nominee below to learn more about them.


Sharing our stories and celebrating our successes will ensure that economic development initiatives continue to grow.
In 1995 the Cando Economic Developer of the Year Award was created to recognize and promote recent or long-standing Indigenous economic development initiatives throughout Canada. All winners past and present share a common desire to bring their communities forward as each pursues a vision of sustainable economic self-sufficiency. Although the path of economic development may vary from one Indigenous community to another, the goal is always the same. That goal is to improve the wealth, prosperity and quality of life for Indigenous people.

When the Economic Development of the Year Awards was established in 1995, only one award was given to the community who demonstrated excellence in Indigenous economic development. Throughout the years, it became apparent that there were businesses and individuals also deserving of recognition for their contributions to the advancement of Indigenous economic development. That is why today, Cando grants Economic Development of the Year Awards in three separate categories:
  • Aboriginal Private Sector Business
  • Individual EDO
  • Community
Recognition programs are a great way to surface best practices and learn what others are doing. Nominating an individual, business or community for the Economic Development of the Year Award gives them the recognition they deserve for their hard work and dedication. Finalists for these awards are given an opportunity to showcase their success to a national audience, enhancing their prestige and recognition by investors, government and other communities. By receiving an Economic Developer of the Year Award, each successful nominee is nationally recognized for their excellence, success and contributions to the advancement of Aboriginal economic development in Canada.