From Co-existing to Collaboration: First Nation – Municipal CEDI Partnership


Many First Nations and municipalities would like to collaborate on community economic development initiatives but often aren’t sure where to start. In part, this is because there are significant differences in the communities’ legal rights and governance structures, economic conditions, demographics and cultures; however, often First Nations and municipalities share many of the same hopes, and they struggle with similar issues and challenges. Through relationship building, First Nations and municipalities have overcome their differences and built resilient, sustainable partnerships.

While collaboration requires an investment of time to build the relationship, it provides significant return as communities gain access to broader range of skills, ideas, funding, and assets. Perhaps the most compelling reason to engage in joint First Nation – municipal community economic development (CED) is simple: communities are stronger together.

Join the CEDI team, along with Collaborative Working Group Champions from the CEDI partnership, Enoch Cree Nation and the City of Edmonton, to learn about how they transitioned from co-existing to collaborating. Together they have collaborated on a number of CED initiatives, including: developing Border Interface Protocols and Strategies (BIPS), regional transit, joint recreation planning, housing, and a co-managed Provincial park within the City limits, on traditional Enoch Cree Nation land.

Please Note: Champions from a 2nd CEDI Partnership may join the panel as well!
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