Professional Development Workshops

Strategic Planning Workshop

Workshop Facilitator: Terry Coyes, Principal Consultant, Coyes & Associates

Principles and concepts that have positive impacts on strategic economic development planning and implementation were presented for discussion, including:

  • The ‘5 Ws’ of strategic economic development planning
  • The 9 steps of the strategic planning process
  • Creating a ‘plan for the plan’
  • The key elements of the strategic plan, and the linkage between each of the elements
  • Implementation of the plan – how to move from planning to action
  • The role of the EDO as a key participant in the various phases of both the planning and implementation processes
  • The interconnectedness of the economic development initiatives implemented as a result of the strategic planning process.

The workshop adjourned with each participant creating a strategic economic development action plan and schedule to use in their respective community/company.

Designation & Leasing Process for Band Lands Workshop

NALMA LogoWorkshop Facilitator: Darrell Loyer, NALMA

The Designation and Leasing Process for Band Lands provided participants an introduction to six key stages: the designation; the pre-lease; the lease; pre-construction; construction and the post-construction stages. Participants were introduced to codes, standards and guidelines of good practice, partnerships, surrenders and fiduciary duty, along with technical definitions and by-laws subject to First Nation communities.