Joshua Jackson, Enoch Cree Nation, AB

Joshua JacksonJoshua is from the Enoch Cree Nation, AB where he is widely recognized as a role model, leader and established artist. Being a musician by profession, Joshua has written, recorded, performed and experienced an assortment of different musical expressions. After studying theatre at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Joshua has been lucky enough to witness top-level artists at the prime of their careers. He is a well-rounded musician, vocalist and songwriter. Joshua wanted to share the knowledge he gained as a student in an elite Fine Arts program at the University of Nevada, and offer a program that involves, encourages, inspires and teaches youth that they too can make their dream a reality. Since founding the Enoch Fine Arts Summer program in 2009, Joshua realized his dream to promote art education in his home community. Each year, Joshua returns to his community to dedicate his summer to the youth, coaching and mentoring them through the highly acclaimed Enoch Fine Arts Summer program, recently renamed "SOAR”.  This program works to build self-esteem, healthy relationships, work ethic, and communication skills, while honing the artistic talent of the youth through the development of a major artistic production entirely written, directed and performed by young people from his community. The show was held at the Venue at The River Cree Resort on July 31st, 2013. There were tears and a standing ovation at the end of the show, which showcased youth entirely with music, dance, film, and acting. The "SOAR” program and youth showcase is one small aspect of what Joshua is able to do and he truly deserves acknowledgement for his superior dedication in all that he does for the youth of Enoch Cree Nation. 

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