Conference Plenaries

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"Aboriginal Centre of Excellence Update” – Ray Wanuch, Cando

The Aboriginal Center of Excellence is a joint venture that began as a concept that was introduced to Cando in 2010. Immediately recognizing the value that ACE would provide to Aboriginal EDOs, Cando was excited to partner in this venture as part of its ongoing commitment to being a leading national institution that increases Aboriginal capacity and ensuring that programs and services are accessible to EDOs living in remote and isolated communities. ACE is a web-based framework to promote and foster Aboriginal economic development through the supply of high-level, qualitative information and products, via a mixture of online, live and static services.

"A Partnership Delivering Real Benefits – The ‘Civil Service Pension Plan’ for Canada’s Indigenous People”, Nathan Ballantyne, TIPITWCC Insurance Partners LP

TIPI fulfills the dream held by many of a single pension and benefit plan for all First Nations, Métis, Inuit & Aboriginal organizations. Our vision centers on bringing opportunity and power to Our People. (1) Allow Our People control over the supply & delivery of their own benefits. (2) Keep the profits from this business within Our Communities. (3) Increase wealth and economic advantage for Our People. (4) Create well-paying jobs for Our People. (5) Provide the same cost-saving benefits (arising from economies of scale) that non-Native people have been enjoying for many, many decades.

"Economic Developer of the Year Award Winner Alumni: Still Inspiring Success” – Past Cando Economic Developer of the Year Award Winners

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Cando National Conference, we welcome back our past winners to find out where they are now in their lives and in their communities since receiving their Economic Developer of the Year Award. Come meet this dynamic group of individuals and learn more about their unique contributions in Aboriginal communities across the country.

"First Nations – Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI) Program Launch” – Norma Spence, Secretary Treasurer & Director – Cando; Jenny Gerbasi, Winnipeg City Councillor, FCM Board Member; Michelle White-Wilsdon, Cando; Helen Patterson, CEDI Program Manager; and Morgan Bamford, CEDI Program Coordinator

The First Nations-Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI) (2013-2016) is a joint initiative of Cando and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), with the overall aim to enhance the capacity of participating First Nations and adjacent municipalities to develop and implement joint economic development plans and initiatives. CEDI works with communities and individuals Canada-wide with an interest in joint First Nations – municipal community economic development.

"Making the Global Economy Work for Aboriginal Communities” – Ken Coates, Canada Research Chair, Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy

Much has been said in recent years about the rapid expansion of the resource economy, fueled by global demand, international investment, and external markets. Aboriginal communities have done well in responding to the opportunities that have come available. This presentation outlines some of the major trends in the global economy, from the significance of the rise of China to changing technologies and the operations of the international workforce, and relates these to the challenges and opportunities in Aboriginal communities across Canada. Aboriginal economic development has its own imperatives, focused on community development, well-being and sustainability. When the global and local forces connect, significant and positive outcomes are possible. When they are at odds, economic opportunity is lost and Aboriginal communities generally suffer serious dislocations. The global economy can work for Aboriginal people in Canada, but it requires a forward-looking and internationally engaged understanding of the possibilities.

"Role of Partnerships in the Future of First Nations in Canada” – Ovide Mercredi, Misipawistik Cree Nation

Long-term, sustainable success is dependent on bringing the interests, resources, and accountability of all willing partners – including Aboriginal Canadians – to the table. For First Nations, partnerships can contribute to a future that involves First Nations in a mutually respectful manner, incorporating First Nation values and principles and enabling them to be part of a vibrant, strong economy. Effective partnerships are about balancing corporate, social and environmental responsibility, as well as ensuring prosperity for both partners.

"The ABCs of Making Money for Young People” – Dr. Denis Cauvier, Dr. Denis Cauvier Seminars International

It is common knowledge that a financial crisis exists across Canada. People of all generations are feeling the economic pressures. Do we have to watch the next generation struggle and potentially retire below the poverty line? According to the ABC Guys a large portion of the solution to the current economic situation lies in financial literacy and the development and support of aspiring entrepreneurs. This presentation is based on the acclaimed international Best Selling book, The ABCs of Making Money for Teens. Denis will share insights and several inspirational real life teen success stories on how to make money, how to hang on to it and make it grow while having fun.