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2012 Cando Conference Logo"Building from Traditions”
Ink on paper, 2012, Gina Brooks

Relational traditions that enliven the spirit of the work: Respect for the Territory, Respect for the People & Respect for the Communities. These interwoven threads are built into the contemporary structures and reflect the spirit of the work to building communities and building capacities. The images on the art work are traditional archival design the Wabanaki people use.

Gina Brooks is a traditional artist specializing in Maliseet porcupine quillwork, brown ash basketry, and birch bark containers. Many of Gina’s baskets are embellished with sweet grass and Wabanaki motifs. Gina’s quillwork and birch bark basketry is showcased in the contemporary collection of art at the New Brunswick Museum in Saint John, NB. Gina has taught classes in drum making, mask making and basketry throughout the Wabanaki region. To deepen her multi-disciplinary artwork, Gina’s traditional knowledge is now being combined with lithographs – etching and printmaking, keeping her artistic focus on traditional Wabanaki arts revitalization.