Host Community: Musqueam First Nation

Cando as excited to announce its partnership with the Musqueam First Nation, Aboriginal Business Service Network Society and Nicola Valley Institute of Technology in hosting the 18th Annual National Conference & AGM in Richmond, British Columbia.

If you would like more information about Musqueam First Nation’s please download the Musqueam Community Profile (6.4MB PDF).

Aboriginal Business Service Network (ABSN)

Aboriginal Business Network Society (ABSN) is an initiative of the Federal Government Aboriginal Business Development Strategy. In 2002, the Community Economic Development Centre and Simon Fraser University (SFU) completed a Gap analysis on Aboriginal business needs and service providers. ABSN formed a steering committee consisting of volunteer Aboriginal business providers from Aboriginal Capital Corporations, Community Futures offices and Business Development Centres, along with Provincial and Federal representatives, to create a comprehensive and integrated strategy to support the growth and development of Aboriginal Business…. Read the complete ABSN Bio

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Nicola Valley Institute of Technology

NVIT Proud of our humble beginnings… The Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT) is BC’s Aboriginal public post-secondary institute. NVIT was formed as a private institute in 1983 by the founding bands of Coldwater, Nooaitch, Shackan, Upper Nicola and Lower Nicola Bands. Working from a basement in the downtown core of Merritt, three instructors taught thirteen students the basics of what is now our Natural Resource Technology program. The program was taught in an environment that promoted traditional ways and fostered student success, a vision that sticks with NVIT today. Gradually building its program offerings to address Aboriginal community needs such as socio-economic marginalization, environmental concerns and political issues with programs like Social Work, Natural Resource Technology and Aboriginal Community Economic Development, NVIT became and still remains a unique and important public post-secondary institute in Canada.

We have come a long way… In 1995, NVIT was designated as a Provincial Institute under the British Columbia College and Institute Act making our programs and courses accredited within the province. After spending years in the downtown core of Merritt, the long awaited Eagles’ Perch campus opened in 2002. Five years later, another campus was added in Vancouver along with the opening of much needed student housing in Merritt. Construction began in the fall of 2009 in Merritt on the Lecture Theatre / Daycare building which will open in the spring of 2010.

Growth has also come in our enrollment as communities outside of the Nicola Valley, like Bella Coola, Kingcome Inlet and Chase, took advantage of our renowned Community Education Department last year, taking programs important to the unique needs of their community and community members.

Education is now more accessible than ever here at NVIT where students can earn credits toward a university degree on campus in Merritt or Vancouver, online or in their own community. Looking back, growth has come from all facets but the commitment and vision of NVIT and its supporting communities remains the same. Exploring knowledge from an Aboriginal perspective is giving our people the Education, Strength and Leadership we need to enhance our communities. To find out more about NVIT’s programs and services please visit their website at