Shuswap Band and District of Invermere

Shuswap Ivermere

Shuswap Band and District of Invermere working group.

Unique Features of this Partnership

This partnership is unique as it involves both the elected officials and staff of the Shuswap Band and District of Invermere, as well as a regional Community Economic Development Officer, bringing a regional lens to their partnership. These partners will participate in CEDI between 2018 – 2021.

Areas of Collaboration – Joint CED Themes

• Exploring joint land-use planning and Indigenous tourism opportunities

• Shared cultural and historical learning


• Each community passed a council resolution committing to the CEDI program for 3 years

• Established short and long-term joint community economic development priorities

In the Media:

• Columbia Valley Pioneer, May 22, 2019, “Act of Reconciliation”

•, May 15, 2019, “Band and DOI partner for economic development initiative”


Why Work Together?

“Personally I’m really proud of how hard our community is working to help the outside communities see who we are. You know, we’re trying, we’re developing our community, there’s more people working. And I think that the outside community sees us in a really good light now.”

Chief Barb Cote, Shuswap Band 


“The hope is that we’ll have a good, strong relationship both economically and socially, so we can formalize other arrangements and continue building our partnership for the foreseeable future and for the long term. We recognize that this is all part of the reconciliation process.”

- Chris Prosser, CAO District of Invermere


Next Steps

This partnership is currently in Stage B: Vision of the Stronger Together process, working to develop a vision for their partnership and develop an action plan for their joint community economic development initiatives. Their areas of interest for the coming year include:

• Exploring joint land-use planning, Indigenous tourism and active transportation opportunities in the region

• Continuing shared cultural and historical learning

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Marissa Lawrence
Senior Program Officer, Cando
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Helen Patterson
CEDI Program Manager
Federation of Canadian Municipalities
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