Okanagan Indian Band and City of Vernon

OKIB and Vernon

OKIB Chief Byron Louis (seated left) and Mayor Akbal Mund, (seated right) finalizing relationship Accord in 2018.


Unique Features of this Partnership

The Okanagan is a major tourist destination in BC, and Vernon is currently one of the only municipalities in the Okanagan that doesn’t have a developed waterfront. Okanagan Indian Band (OKIB) and City of Vernon have a unique opportunity to collaborate on land use planning and economic development of the neighbouring Sandy Beach / Kin Beach (waterfront area) in Vernon. OKIB and City of Vernon will participate in CEDI 2017 – 2020.

Areas of Collaboration – Joint CED Themes

• Land-use Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development in the Sandy Beach /Kin Beach /Lakeshore Road (or waterfront) area

• Tourism Opportunities

• Emergency Planning


• Finalized Terms of Reference (TOR) for the OKIB-Vernon Joint CEDI Working Group

• Joint Press Release announcing the partnership (February 2018)

• Joint Workshop to explore each community’s land use plans and jurisdiction, specifically on the waterfront area (April 2018)

• Established a sub-committee to create a Joint Strategic Plan for Waterfront and completed a draft Strategic Plan (July 2018)

• Designed and finalized Relationship Accord between OKIB and City of Vernon (August 2018)

• Celebrated the signing of the Relationship Accord on the shores of Okanagan Lake with both OKIB and City elected councils, Elders, regional dignitaries, and community members (October 2018)

• Joint Workshop to explore potential joint tourism initiatives (December 2018)

• Joint Workshop to bring both Councils and senior staff from both communities together to discuss active implementation of the Relationship Accord and short-term joint tourism action items (June 2018)

• In the process of establishing a sub-committee to implement the short-term joint tourism action items (July 2018)


In the Media


Why Work Together?

“I am pleased to participate in this important initiative with Mayor Akbal Mund and his council. We recognize by working together on economic development initiatives in our traditional territory, we will have the opportunity to identify some challenges and create strategies to overcome them. The result of these efforts will strengthen our relationship and the regional economy.”

– Chief Byron Louis, OKIB


“I am confident that our common goals for local economic development will foster benefits that will extend to many other aspects of community building. The CEDI program is giving us the framework to work together to achieve strong local results.”

– Councillor Akbal Mund (former Mayor), City of Vernon


Next Steps

This partnership is on track, currently in Stage D: Act of the Stronger Together process as they enter into the final several months of their time with CEDI. Their areas of interest for the coming year include:

• Continuing to forward the development of the Joint Strategic Plan for Waterfront and advancing discussions on infrastructure and economic development in the area

• Action on short-term joint tourism opportunities

• Led by the Relationship Accord, continued relationship building and community engagement

• Continuing to formalize joint planning processes and build capacity to continue collaboration post-CEDI participation




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