Enoch Cree Nation and City of Edmonton

Enoch + Edmonton Graduation

Unique Features of this Partnership

Edmonton is Canada’s fifth largest city with a population of 932,546 (Alberta Municipal Affairs), and Enoch Cree Nation with a membership of 2,100. Enoch Cree Nation – City of Edmonton partnership represents the first CEDI partnership in a large urban context (in CEDI Phase I, the largest municipality was Ville d’Edmundston with a population of approximately 20,000). Enoch Cree Nation and the City of Edmonton will participate in CEDI 2016 – 2019.

Areas of Collaboration – Joint CED Themes

• Boundary Interface Protocols and Strategies (BIPS) to coordinate planning on the shared border between Parkland County, Enoch Cree Nation and the City of Edmonton

Cultural tourism and conservation through the proposed Woodbend – Big Island Provincial Park Proposal

• Harmonizing planning for sports and recreation facilities

• Transit Connection between City of Edmonton and Enoch Cree Nation

• Permanent Supportive Housing Collaboration



• Established Working Group Terms of Reference

• Culturally significant and public signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (March 2017)

• Agreement for City to provide mosquito control services at Enoch Cree Nation (Spring 2017, renewed annually)

• Joint Workshop to explore collaboration opportunities in sports and recreation and green energy (December 2017)

• Joint Workshop with local subject-matter experts to explore collaboration opportunities in permanent supportive housing (PSH) (April 2018)

• Recommitment to the MOU celebration, including both councils, youth councils and the public (April 2018)

• Developed a joint letter to the Province of Alberta regarding the Woodbend – Big Island Park and prepared for a joint Federal funding application to Environment and Climate Change Canada (March 2019)

• Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Board invited Enoch Cree Nation to be part of its emerging Regional Transit Services Commission (April 2019)

• A final CEDI Joint Workshop to address three areas of collaboration: guiding principles for co-management of proposed Woodbend-Big Island provincial park, to provide an update on Boundary Interface Protocols and Strategies work, and to celebrate the Enoch Cree Nation and City of Edmonton partnership (March 2019)

• Enoch Cree Nation credits, in part, the CEDI process with the approval for additional water capacity from the City of Edmonton needed to flow water to the new waterline, reservoir and pumphouse. This will provide clean drinking water servicing 500 homes, Enoch’s brand new school, health center, youth center, convenience store and many other facilities. It will also enable Enoch to move forward with their plans for a 300 acre Industrial Park.

In the Media:

Big Island-Woodbend Park

Celebration of MOU

Transit Service to Enoch Cree Nation

Transit Connection with Councillor Wilsdon and Councillor McKeen

Connecting for Clean Drinking Water

• The Edmonton Journal, March 9, 2017, “Urban reserve on the table as Edmonton signs friendship agreement with Enoch Cree Nation”

• APTN, March 11, 2017, “Enoch Cree Nation set to develop urban reserve in Edmonton after signing partnership deal”

• Edmonton Journal, Sept 8, 2017, “Mayor's plan for provincial park in southwest Edmonton backed by Enoch Cree Nation” (also covered by CBC and GlobalNews)

• Edmonton Journal, April 8, 2018, “Enoch Cree Nation and city celebrate partnership”

• Edmonton Journal, April 23, 2018, “Councillor wants city to explore transit service to Enoch Cree Nation”

• Toronto Star, April 28, 2018, “Enoch Cree Nation wants to partner with Edmonton for bus service to the community”

• CBC, May 2, 2018, “Councillors propose transit link between Edmonton and Enoch Cree Nation”


Why Work Together?

"Coming together in a unified way solidifies our commitment to developing a strong and fair working relationship for the rights and benefit of all. This strengthened partnership in the Edmonton metropolitan region continues to honour the terms, spirit and intent of Treaty 6, while allowing for additional outcomes based on mutual benefit.”

– Chief Billy Morin, Enoch Cree Nation

“This important step builds on the city’s Memorandum of Cooperation and Dialogue with the Confederacy of Treaty No. 6 First Nations, along with our participation in CEDI. It also sets a strong foundation for maintaining cooperative government-to-government relationship with Enoch Cree Nation in the spirit of reconciliation.”

– Mayor Don Iveson, City of Edmonton

“The CEDI partnership has enabled us to get to know each other and learn about how each government (our First Nation and Edmonton) works. That collaboration is extended by the efforts made by our Chief Billy Morin with Mayor Don Iveson, our government staffs, our councils whom are now interacting and involved with each other, to where such had not happened before. Our group is successful because we created an environment of trust, understanding and collaboration. We are stronger because of making the effort to know each other beyond our formal meetings, to have a real relationship, where crossing paths is no longer a happenstance of strangers. We now recognize each other as colleagues with a better understanding what the other does. We are working on the steps that we need to take to lead towards a better future for us as neighbors together.”

– Corina Hollingworth, Executive Director of Planning and Development, Enoch Cree Nation

Next Steps

This partnership has recently graduated from the CEDI program, however, their community-to-community relationship and collaborative work will undoubtedly continue. Their areas of interest for the coming year, include:

• Continued planning for joint permanent supportive housing initiatives

• Advancement of the proposed provincial park at Woodbend-Big Island with elements of co-management

• Continued collaboration through the Boundary Interface Protocols and Strategies (BIPS)

• Continued collaboration on a transit connection through a needs assessment process and involvement of Enoch Cree Nation at the Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Board

• Continued government-to-government relationship building

• Jointly created video for elected officials, staff and community members to explain the importance of the Enoch Cree Nation – City of Edmonton collaboration.

• Continued regular Enoch Cree Nation – City of Edmonton Collaborative Working Group meetings to further the joint initiatives named above.



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