Hiawatha First Nation, Curve Lake First Nation, Township of Selwyn, Township of Otonabee-South Monaghan, County of Peterborough and Peterborough and Kawarthas Economic Development


Participants from Workshop #2 prioritizing which initiatives they want to collaborate together.

Unique Features of this Partnership

This partnership has taken a regional approach to First Nation-municipal collaboration, bringing two First Nations, two townships, a regional government, and an economic development corporation together. These partners will participate in CEDI between 2017-2020.

Areas of Collaboration – Joint CED Themes

• Established a Planning and Consultation Working Group. Currently co-developing tools to support consultation processes that responds to the Duty to Consult

• Established a Regional Economic Development Working Group. Hosting a regional economic development forum in the Greater Peterborough Area.

• Established an Indigenous Tourism Working Group to explore regional tourism collaboration opportunities.

• Education and Awareness: focussing on Treaty education and youth engagement about the importance of reconciliation.



• All councils and boards have passed resolutions committing to CEDI for three years

• Curve Lake and Hiawatha First Nations now sitting as partners on the County of Peterborough’s Official Plan Technical Advisory Committee

• Co-organized an educational event about the 200th anniversary of Treaty 20 that engaged Indigenous youth and Indigenous knowledge keepers

• Co-presented at the FCM Annual Conference and Trade Show in Quebec City, June 2019

• Signed Ezhi-Wiijikiwendiyang (Friendship Accord), November 2019


In the Media:

• Global News, Nov 4, 2019: “Friendship Accord signed between 6 partners of the Community Economic Development Initiative in Peterborough area”

Peterborough Examiner, Nov 2, 2019: “New economic friendship is forged”

Peterborough Examiner, Oct 27, 2019: “Peterborough-area communities forge new economic partnership”

• Six partners sign historic Friendship Accord in southeastern Ontario, November 2019 http://www.edo.ca/cedi/current-cedi-partnership-profiles/chops/2019-friendship-accord-signing

• Peterborough Examiner, Nov 26, 2018: “Economic development partnership with First Nations moves forward”

• Peterborough Examiner, May 2, 2018: “Peterborough County supports program that boosts bonds between municipalities, First Nations”

• Peterborough Examiner, Mar 13, 2018: “First Nations, municipalities in Peterborough area look forward to forging partnerships following recent workshop”

Why Work Together?

“Hiawatha First Nation believes working together as part of the CEDI project is important for the future as it allows us to build new relationships, be more informed about our neighbouring communities and fosters a greater sense of understanding and respect.  Through strong lines of communication, collaboration and the potential to build new partnerships we are able to share resources, consider various investment strategies and build an environmentally responsible, sustainable economic platform for generations to come.  We are pleased and proud to be participating in the CEDI project with Curve Lake First Nation, local municipalities, the County of Peterborough and the Peterborough & Kawarthas Economic Development, with the common goal of bringing new opportunities, business and employment to our region for the mutual benefit of everyone involved.”

– Chief Laurie Carr, Hiawatha First Nation

In my 21 years in municipal work, this CEDI partnership was among the most important and satisfying projects I have been a part of because of the importance of the relationships with Curve Lake and Hiawatha.”

- Mary Smith, former Mayor of Selwyn Township

“The process has been really helpful in building understanding between our communities. We now understand the reasons for one another’s positions. We will still disagree from time to time, but now we have the relationships to help us navigate that and find a solution that works best for all of us.”

– Iain Mudd, Manager of Planning, County of Peterborough


Next Steps

This partnership is currently in Stage D: Act of the Stronger Together process, working to develop and implement their various initiatives. Their areas of interest for the coming year, include:

• Hosting an intercultural ceremony committing to their new relationship, signing a regional Friendship Accord and exchanging a Wampum Belt

• Completing co-designed consultation tools

• Identifying regional economic development and Indigenous tourism opportunities with all governments in Greater Peterborough Area

• Continued government-to-government relationship building


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