First Nations - Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI)


The First Nations - Municipal CEDI is a joint initiative of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and Cando that builds the capacity of First Nations and adjacent municipalities to develop joint community economic development (CED) plans and strategies.

Starting in 2012, CEDI worked with six partnerships of First Nations and municipalities across Canada to enhance their community-to-community relationships and collaboration on joint CED initiatives as part of Phase I. By the end of the Phase I, all six partnerships have developed a strategy to move forward within joint economic development and have built a formal relationship protocol to help initiatives move forward.

CEDI has developed Stronger Together, a Toolkit for joint First Nations - municipal CED planning that contains a guide, tools, case studies and other resources for First Nations and municipal staff and elected officials interested in improving their community-to-community relationship and undertaking joint First Nations – municipal CED planning in their own regions. The Toolkit is available online as of September 24, 2015.

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To learn more about CEDI and its participating communities, join the CEDI Community of Practice and access the CEDI Toolkit, visit the CEDI website today.

CEDI is funded by Indigenous & Northern Affairs Canada (INAC).




"Before you start talking to your neighbours you think you’re kind of in your own world trying to solve problems quite different from your neighbours and you find that even though we have different forms of government logistically, we have very much the same concerns… to have a sustainable community, to have a community that’s a great place to live for citizens of all ages and to have a community that’s going to provide for our children’s children down the future in a positive way.”
- Mayor John Van Laerhoven, District of Kent, BC

"As a representation of First Nations and municipal governments, you have a stronger voice at Queen’s Park, at the federal buildings in Ottawa, and you’re apt to be listened to more.”
- Chief Clifford Bull, Lac Seul First Nation, ON

 "I think one of our participants said it best when he said that "a rising tide carries all boats.” What helps one, helps the other. It’s going to be a positive experience for us… the similarities that we both face and also the obstacles we share… it would be a nice way to find solutions all together.”

- Duncan Lathlin, Special Projects Officer, Paskwayak Business Development Corporation, Opaskwayak Cree Nation, MB

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Aaron Samuel
Interim CEDI Program Coordinator, Cando
T. 1-800-463-9300 / 780.990.0303

Helen Patterson
CEDI Program Manager, FCM
T. 613-907-6320