Megan Arcand

Certification Coordinator (west)

Hello, my name is Megan Arcand. I’m a Metis student at the University of Alberta, obtaining a Bachelors of Arts in Native Studies. My family is from Northern Saskatchewan (Big River specifically) but I grew up in Whitecourt, Alberta. My favorite things include: watching movies in the theatre, saskatoon berry jam on fry bread, and anything that spurs up a good laugh between my friends and I.
Short term, my main goal is to finish my degree as soon as possible. I came to university straight out of high school, so I’m anxious to finish. Long term is harder to visualize because for the first time the future does not have to include education. I’m not sure where the wind will take me, but I plan on using my degree for the betterment of Indigenous people somehow someway. 
I’m very excited to be gaining some hands-on experience with Cando, and look forward to what new knowledge lies ahead for me in this endeavor.

Telephone: 780.990.0303